On School and Other Happenings…

School began for three of my four children last Wednesday.  The fourth child started yesterday.  As we begin another year of transition we find one child going from private to public school.   In the last three years we have:

  • moved from SC to FLA
  • gone from homeschooling to some kids in school
  • gone from that school set up to all kids in school last year
  • then two sick boys who didn’t get to complete their football season
  • this year we have one in public, three in private and two playing football

I think I’m tired!

This goes right along with all the changes my husband goes through at work.  It’s sometimes difficult to stop and breathe.

Our family motto has changed from “I forgot what it was” to “Happy, Happy, Happy” from Duck Dynasty.

Yep, we’ve hit an all time low.

I’d be proud to say we came up with something on our own but why do that when I can steal from the shows my husband watches.

No, I don’t watch Duck Dynasty.  I have to put my foot down somewhere.

In other big news…..my niece is engaged to a wonderful young man.  I shoot their wedding in January.  Yep, I’m excited!!!

Congratulations Matt and Korey!!!


  1. Girl. Just reading that list of all the transition and knowing a bit about the behind-the-scenes stuff of all that transition? Makes me ache for you. Hang on. Keep clinging to Jesus. Change is so hard, isn’t it? I’m praying for you and yours.

  2. I still think about you and your family. We are now in our fourth year homeschooling. This year is the same cycle that we were in together when I met you. It sounds as if the Lord is still with you and leading you. I miss you! If you want to catch up email me back.

  3. Wow, those are some big changes! We are making our own changes regarding school, and I am determined not to make fear-based decisions anymore. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and struggles regarding changes in school options. It is hard to come by.

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