Nine and Loving Life!

She’s nine tomorrow!  NINE!

Where do the days go?  We surprised her by allowing her to get her ears pierced for her birthday!  She shops at Justice.  She’s sassy and bossy and has the biggest heart EVER.  She spent today helping her oldest brother wash cars to raise money to attend his National 7 on 7 Football tournament in Tampa in June.

She’s my baby girl, no matter how old she is.  The one the Lord told me would sing for Him.  My prophetess.  The one who talks my ears right off my head!

Happy Birthday today baby girl!!!  May God forever watch over you, forever keep you under his wing, forever draw you unto himself and may you always desire him with all that you are!

I love you…..mama.


  1. Kathy Alexander says:

    Ah! I remember when Baby Girl was born.
    Remember when Andy brought her in the
    Kitchen? He just turned two at the time!
    We were both shocked!
    Andy just turned 11 May 17th!

    • Kathy, it’s hard to believe he’s eleven but that makes sense when I remember him carrying the “baby” into the kitchen around age two!!!

  2. I love you too baby girl! Aunt Andrea

  3. Happy bday to that sweet precious girl of yours! I LOVED ages 8-10 of my girl. Absolutely loved it.

    Can’t believe she’s 9. I remember when you were pregnant with her!

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