Adoption Story – Part 5

I have been in Green Bay since Wednesday night.  Mom went into the hospital the day after I arrived.  She had another surgery and now she is at home resting until God calls her home.  For the entire time she was in the hospital she was joking, sleeping and just being Janet.

Now she is unresponsive yet still every bit “Janet”.  I rub her feet.  I put chap stik on her mouth.  I slept beside her bed last night. I counted the seconds between breaths.  I got up to give her morphine.  I put water in her mouth.  The hospice nurse came in the middle of night and I think I slept better when I knew someone was at least taking care of her.  This morning we turned her, the nurse came again and we have watched her throughout the day.  The life is leaving her.  Eternity awaits.

Her breathing is labored and has been since we got her home.

She’s still beautiful.  And I am so thankful to have this time. She gave me life and now I’m watching hers slip into Jesus’ arms.


  1. Oh Julie. Michelle B told me a bit about holding her mom’s hand as her mom went into the arms of Jesus. I wish I could remember how she worded it, but she said that it really showed her how a spirit just continues even though the body quits. I saw this quote on Mommy Life’s blog today: You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body. ~C.S. Lewis

    I think it’s a beautiful thing that she’s still every bit Janet. And that you know who she is and Whose she is, and always will be.

    (((hugs))) dear friend.

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