Football and Other Things

The three point stance!  Our lives described in four little words and all they encompass.

September and October are traditionally my family’s favorite months.  College football (Go Auburn!), cooler temperatures, camp fires and looking forward to the holidays all role into one  pumpkin of a good time.  My youngest son turns 9 in October, we traditionally watch Saturday football around the backyard camp fire and friends come to enjoy the fellowship and belly laughing that surrounds us like smoke.

But this year with a first grader at hand I’m struggling through teaching her to read.  I truly dread that part of school.  I really do.  I’m not good at it.  Someone please come help!  I want to run away!

And we’re still looking for a permanent home, separating from the one we had and grieving a home church struggling through growing pains.  I’m thankful for our heavenly coach.

Lots of things are up in the air with our family, but football keeps us grounded at times.  It’s consistent in an earthly sense.  Like my Jesus, it’s a part of our lives.  It’s what we do.

God has done some incredible things to release us from our former home where we felt nice and comfortable, as if wrapped in a warm fuzzy blanket.  We’ve missed it, that favorite pair of jeans feeling, but He’s leading us into the lives He has planned for us now.  Not all of the experiences have been pleasant.  Life has been a white knuckled struggle, emotions running high at times, energy running low, patience is lacking and a sense of home is desperately needed.  God is teaching us to rest in today and today only.  Like a sweet smelling flower we breath in the essence of today, of the here and now.

Sometimes I feel as if I need the pads my son wears….the helmet too.  Spiritual warfare is tough work, even when resting in Him who fights for us.

Ready for action we sometimes crouch to pounce upon any earthly opponent, then remembering we fight not against any earthly object but an opponent ancient as the days themselves, we relax.  There are days the peace is overwhelming and other days it’s as fleeting as a shooting star.

Today we worked on school until 4:30.

I didn’t choose to homeschool to work that long.  As the boys get ready for football practice I am so thankful I made two pot roasts last night instead of one.  That and some organic mac and cheese and off we go again.

When ever does life slow down?


  1. Been wondering how things are going. I’m so thankful for the comfort that football brings you all. God is so gracious in providing those little mercies that make the hard times more bearable. Love you all!

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