Yesterday we had two make-up flag football games.  The weather was beautiful and while I was busy trying to capture shots like these of my number one son:

I also took time in between the action to look around me and see things God has put on earth that we consider normal or maybe even a nuisance.  Things such as clover:

Growing beside a fence man built.  Was this pretty little flower meant for us to enjoy instead of spray and kill?  I know horses love it but man?  No.  I don’t think so.

But it’s a cute little flower with tubular shaped petals reaching up to it’s Maker.  Praising in a way we forget to at times.   A lot of times.

Do we praise the normal?  The mundane?  The innocent clover?

I think it’s all about perspective, don’t you?

What do we see in the chains of our lives?  Do we see freedom on the other side?  Or do we see freedom in the space God has provided for us?

I wonder if she likes clover or the fence?

Or if my kids appreciate the carpet God made just for us…

Or if my oldest knows just where his talent comes from?

And what do I think about people who are different from me?  Do I want to get to know them better?  Learn about their lives?  or do I shun them just because they ARE different?

You know God really didn’t make us all that different.  We’re all the same in so many ways.  But we have such different life experiences.  What if we all learned from one another?  What if we all wanted to know more about the other person than telling about ourselves?

What if?


  1. Anonymous says:

    Julie I like your perspective!


  2. barrynmissy1972 says:


    I have been enjoying your posts since I stumbled upon your blog. After reading today's post I had to say something. I was looking at some clovers yesterday with the same thought in mind! Too funny, but so true.

    God Bless

  3. basketflat says:

    Neat pictures. We love clover….just not in our yard…actually it's ok in our yard we just don't like moss in our yard…but I like moss at the Japanese Garden. The little girl is definitely a clover. And what a lovely picture of the mom (I'm assuming). She is striking.

  4. SandBetweenMyToes says:

    The perspective we all need. Actually, this is the 2nd post today that I've read about avoiding people who are different. Is the Lord trying to tell me something that I'm not aware of?!

    Our family tends to enjoy the "weeds" of life….clover, dandelions, and all the other treasures in our yard that most consider a nuisance. : )


  5. The Scooper says:

    Lovely post, my friend. Thanks for your sweet comment last week. Rough week. This one looks better. Will you be at Bible study this week? I've missed seeing you. I think a play date is in order.

  6. earlyriser430 says:

    What a beautiful post– I've stopped by your blog a few times, your title always catches my eye because I too refer to my children as my 4 knights & 1 princess (wink!) Have a Wonderful Day * EMichelle

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