Our second game

Today, in what felt like 130 degree heat we sweated as we watched our boys lose their second game, but the first one of the season.

It was hard to watch.  They played so hard and it was so hot.

But such is football.  We win some.  We lose some.

On a good note Auburn won today.  We have lots of Auburn fans here this weekend.

Here’s a shot I took the other night at practice.

Night night.


Why wouldn't I trust?

At the end of my last post I asked what things do you (I) stare at from the other side of the glass?  Things like Fred who is in the sewer drain AGAIN this morning and won’t come out.  He gets into trouble every time I let him out at night and I wonder if we’d be the same way if God allowed us out into the “wild blue yonder” on the other side of the glass?  What trouble would we get in to?  Would we be trapped having to be rescued each morning?  Would we go hungry?  Would we be overwhelmed by what’s been put in front of us?  I think the answer is a resounding “yes”.

I took these last night during football practice……..

And I wonder….if my God can paint a sky like this for me why, oh why do I not trust that He ALWAYS has my best interests at heart.

Thank you Jesus for speaking to me through your beautiful sunset.