LaTasha’s LearningRx Story – Oct. 2nd 2013

Many who follow my blog know what a great impact LearningRx has had on our lives.  This evening I read the sweetest story from a mom I met at Jacksonville’s Magnet School Expo.  


Here are the words she pinned tonight on LearningRx’s Facebook page:

“No parent wants to admit that there child has a learning disability or may even know that is the main issue. However, I knew that I had to find some help for my son in order for him to be on the right track developmentally. In the beginning my family just assumed that I was not spending enough time teaching him, but I knew that it was more than just me not sitting down with him every night.


Here is where my story beginnings.  My older sister asked me to go to the yearly Magnet School Seminar for all the schools in Jacksonville, in which LearningRx was there. I truly believe that it was God who lead me to their booth and faith, that it was something out there that could help my son with the main issue and not just a temporary fix. While I was at the Seminar, I spoke with a parent that was a spokesperson for LearningRx and I was not sure if she would understand my struggle being that my son was held back twice and still was reading on a Kindergarten/1st grade level. However, she has 4 kids that had different issues, so I took some information home but I never called thinking that this was going to be some over priced place that was going to make all these promises but never give me any results.


But finally I went to get him tested and I sat down with Erin the director.  I finally understood what the real issue was by her explaining the way the brain works and what the test showed was the problem. I finally found out that my son had an auditory processing disorder and I researched that disorder and it describes my son perfectly.


My son started LearningRx in April 2013. He had a really bad attitude towards anything that had to do with school work, learning to read, sounding out words, he had very low self esteem because he thought that he was not smart. Now, he has done a complete 180, my son is now reading on his own and he has a passion for learning now. Everyday he has shown so much progress in school and out of school.

I am so thankful for God sending me to LearningRx and even though its a temporary sacrifice for right now it will be a long term benefit for my son’s future. If I could give anyone some advice it would be to at least go and see for yourself what Learning RX can do for your child because they have done wonders for mine.”


LaTasha, I so glad my story helped you in your journey to find LearningRx.  They have been a blessing in my life as well.  Thank you for sharing.  I remember meeting Latasha at Magnet Mania.  She was a mom determined to find answers for her son.  I applaud her sacrifice and courage.

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Right Brain/Left Brain

I am a left brain learner most of the time.  God has gifted me with two right brain learners.  He has a sense of humor that way.  The right brain stores long term memory, pictures, music, colors and humor, option and math concepts (or the big picture) and a more unstructured approach to learning.  Those of us who are left brain thinkers are more concerned with the details, short term memory, thinking, logic, structure, language and short term memory.

I’ve learned as of late there are also auditory and visual processing glitches.  So I’m thinking….”Ah great, add that to the soup I’m making and I’m getting a little unsure of the recipe.”

I’ve done a lot of reading lately in Diane Craft’s Brain Integration Therapy Manual.  It’s intense but makes a lot of sense.  I think the feeling of intensity is only because I feel overwhelmed with the daunting task set before me.  Teach two right brain thinkers to “do school.”  Lovely.

I remind myself daily that God has given me only what He knows I can handle.  He has given me my right brain thinkers for a reason.  That lovely iron sharpening iron thing that is so pleasant to think about.

I thought I would list some common characteristics from Dianne Craft’s book.

Common Characteristics of a Left Brain Learner:

  • Tends to seek structure in his or her day
  • Memorizes best by repetition (auditory or writing)
  • Likes to know the plan for each day, week, etc.
  • Tends to work well independently.
  • Likes to make lists and check them off as tasks are completed.
  • Thinks things through with multiple pieces of evidence before coming to a conclusion.
  • Tends to find math interesting ans is very good at it.
  • Likes the predictability and conciseness of workbooks.
  • Can do well with self-paced and computer curriculum.

Common Characteristics of a Right Brain Learner

  • Likes spontaneous events, versus planned events each day.  Seeks change
  • Memorizes best by using meaning, color, pictures, story, and/or emotion in material
  • Does not plan ahead regularly.
  • Prefers much involvement with parent while doing school lessons.
  • Does not do items sequentially, but skips around in his or her work.
  • Makes quantum leaps when learning.  Figures things out from scanty evidence.
  • Finds math quite repetitive and somewhat boring.
  • Prefers projects and discussions rather than workbook learning.
  • Does not do well with self-paced or computer curriculum, but rather one that requires more parent and teacher involvement, such as unit studies, or any curriculum that is more hands-on and interactive with the adult.

Of course we can usually see ourselves in both category but we often tend towards one.  Which are you?

If you want more information a good site is

Anything anyone else has to offer out there would be much appreciated!!  Blessings…..