As the Season Ends…

My baby girl has played an amazing season of soccer.

Cuteness abounds on her team.

We have this sweetheart who is a powerhouse.  You will see her on the Olympics one day, I guarantee it!

The girl can play some soccer!!!

This guy has the heart of a champion.  I just love watching him…

Here they are going through the check list with the referee (Is that what you call them in soccer?)

This awesome guy played goalie on Saturday!

This coming Saturday is their last game.  The boys games are over too.  My second born led his team to the playoffs as QB!

And our oldest won the Championship Saturday night.  7 on 7 is a fast paced “touch” game of football that is 150% for 30 minutes.  Their game are back to back and they usually play 2 to 3 games each weekend.  Touch is an understatement for the games are very physical!

I love watching the kids play and am so proud of all they have accomplished this season.

I love you guys!

**PS – for all you photogs out there notice the difference between the first 9 images and the last 2 images.  The first were shot jpeg and the last 2 shot RAW!



Since I began this post several weeks ago I’ve traveled home to SC for a week long visit leaving left my new user name and password in Fla.  So there was no blogging while I was gone.  But I was personally able to touch and druel over The Scooper’s classroom nook.

Then we came back to our last soccer game and began a 5 day battle with the upper respiratory crud.  It’s been rough on my oldest who has had a fever for 4 days.

I’m thrilled to have a new blog site all my own.  I’ve loved HSB but it was time to move on.  Time to spread my wings and fly.  I hope some of you will still drop by to see me.  I can’t wait to see how the new blog design will end up.

Back to Soccer…here’s my baby…my 6.5 year old, size 3 shoe wearing baby…

I don’t know why I love this picture of her.  Maybe it’s the look of concentration on her face as well as the signs of the young woman I see her becoming.  She’s a mess, this last born of ours.  I love the way her hair curls around her face when she’s hot.  She can put her pony tail in all by herself now.  Quite an accomplishment until the day we visited the Super Cuts.  Now she’s sporting a sweet bob again and a trophy.

She was so excited to have her first trophy and toted it around everywhere before we convinced her it belonged on a shelf.

Baby girl and I are diligently learning how to read, my least favorite schoolish thing to do.  She’s doing very well I might say but because I find it grueling so does she.

Coming home to FLA has been a bit of a smack in the face.  REAL school instead of fun field trips.  No friends instead of terrific friends and then a bought of sickness.  But SC soothed our souls with 38 degree nights, campfires and lots of visits with my sweet friends.

We’ve made our own little campfire set up since returning.  It’s not our big pit we had in SC but it’s a nice iron looking thing that fits a little better in our gated FLA neighborhood.  But I wonder still at the house God has for us here.  After my hubbie left SC to return to FLA my boys kept the campfire burning in the back yard for three more days.  My second-born loves the woods, chopping down limbs and fanning the flames of the campfire.  My heart wants him to have those things here too.  He’s a boy after all!!!

So we continue to wait and watch…keeping our hands out of what belongs to God…our lives.

Not just a football family any more!

We’ve been a football family for a long time.  Whether it has been flag football or the thump of pads during fall football season, we’ve been a football family since my oldest two were able to play.

Football, football, football.

But just as having our fourth-born being born as a girl has changed our lives from trucks, bodily function noises and wrestling, she is changing the face of sports in our family too.

Today, without a single practice because we signed up late, baby girl (sniff, sniff) played her first soccer game.

She sweated.  She ran.  And she was a trooper in 98 degree weather.

She played as a team.  She overcame her shyness very quickly.  She’d never met her coach or any of her team mates.

She cheered her team on!

She waved at me from the game and grinned when she did well.

We bought pink and black cleats, pink shin guards and a pink and black bag for it all to go in.  She was so  proud…..her own bag of sports stuff!!

And while I missed the older boys game today there was one big brother there to support her!

I bought him a Frog Togg for the hot weather.  I think he’s in love!

It was so much fun to see her trying something new, being a little scared but overcoming that fear, and enjoying herself and her team.  She kept telling me she wanted to stay in the game to help her team win.  I think my heart broke a little.  What character God is developing in her.

And after the game?  The tunnel!!!  The best part for all the kids!

So you go baby girl.  Be all God has for you to be and love him and chase him with all your heart!


LOVE, mom

Pop-Warner Football

We’ve moved from Rec League football in SC to Pop Warner football in Fla.  I think our family is going to like the changes.  Academics are stressed along with discipline and a team approach to practice, playing and winning/losing.  I’ve noticed they do a lot of running not only for exercise but for discipline as well.

My second-born likes to pace himself and blast off on the final lap.  He usually rounds the corner first.

There is lots of stretching and conditioning the first week.

You can get ’em…..stretch!!!

Here’s #1 son who hates to have his photo taken now.  When were they allowed opinions?

Some more stretching…

Line Leaders must be responsible for keeping their line straight.

But my guy always does it with a smile…

I love that about him!!

I think I might have a budding soccer player in my midst…

This one is going to be a soccer player because it’s all she’s talked about for a year now!!!

My babies are so grown up!  Just looking at this picture of baby girl makes me realize she really does need a new nickname.