Blessings from Above

As I continue along the path God has set before me I am amazed at His perfect timing and will.  I’m never entirely certain I’m walking the path He has chosen for me, yet I find Him continually guiding, continually comforting, forever the voice from behind saying “this way”.

I have been so blessed lately to have been a part of a group of cheerleaders from a local private Christian school.  They have welcomed me like little birds seeing mom flying to the nest.  They are sweet.  They are kind.

Their spirits soar as do they.  I stand back in awe as I watch them.  I see God’s hand as he has woven my life with theirs intertwining a tapestry only He sees.

Thank you girls for welcoming me into your lives and into your school.  I love you all!

(Their precious leader with one of the cheerleaders)

As the Season Ends…

My baby girl has played an amazing season of soccer.

Cuteness abounds on her team.

We have this sweetheart who is a powerhouse.  You will see her on the Olympics one day, I guarantee it!

The girl can play some soccer!!!

This guy has the heart of a champion.  I just love watching him…

Here they are going through the check list with the referee (Is that what you call them in soccer?)

This awesome guy played goalie on Saturday!

This coming Saturday is their last game.  The boys games are over too.  My second born led his team to the playoffs as QB!

And our oldest won the Championship Saturday night.  7 on 7 is a fast paced “touch” game of football that is 150% for 30 minutes.  Their game are back to back and they usually play 2 to 3 games each weekend.  Touch is an understatement for the games are very physical!

I love watching the kids play and am so proud of all they have accomplished this season.

I love you guys!

**PS – for all you photogs out there notice the difference between the first 9 images and the last 2 images.  The first were shot jpeg and the last 2 shot RAW!