Sally B’s Skin Yummies – Traveler Kit

In my search for all things organic (better known as driving my family crazy), I haunt websites like One Good Thing by Jillee.

I recently found her sister blogging about things  I LOVE at Camp Wander – go figure!

While I do make a lot of my own organic cleaners and want to make my own skin care I haven’t found the time to do it all yet.  Therefore, I present……(drum roll, please)

Sally B’s Skin Yummies.

I found them online several months ago and ordered a few of their products.  I loved them both.  Just recently I received an email from them introducing their New Traveler Kit. Better known to me as Julie’s New Sampler Kit!  It arrived in the mail just 2 days ago and so far I love all the products.

Shoot on over and check them out if you have time!  There is also a coupon code:  beauty that will give you 5% off your purchase.  The Traveler Bag is a great way to sample 6 of their wonderful products.

And if you love to make your own and save money check out Camp Wander and One Good Thing By Jillee.  Wouldn’t you love to live next door to them?  Tell them Julie sent you!

Go away bugs…..Homemade Bug Spray

None of the insect repellents on the market appeal to me since our skin is our most absorbent organ covering, I don’t know, about 100%, of our body.

So I found this ?advice on the Make homemade bug spray page on

I also found this great piece of advice here on Journey to

Apparently you can grow lemongrass (go figure) and it’s a wonderful mosquito repellent.  Just follow her advice.  Not sure if the stuff can be grown everywhere but it looks good to me!