Stopping in…

…to say hello! (notice anything wrong here?   Hint:  the four in the back were once ALL different heights!)

Life has been crazy since summer break began.  The day my second born got out of school we high-tailed it to Atlantic Beach, NC to vacation with my family.  We were escorted all the way up the east coast by Tropical Storm Andrea.  Literally, we were in the middle of the storm the entire 10 hour ride from Florida to North Carolina.

I packed the car in between bands of rain and wind as Rocketman worked hard to get out of the office early so we could begin our journey.  With our car top carrier firmly in place and my excellent duct tape job (so rain would not penetrate our belongings) we headed 10 hours north to be at the beach (which we live 10 minutes away from in FL).  Yea, it’s a little crazy, but I grew up going to the beach at Atlantic Beach, NC.  It’s home as far as vacation is concerned.

Saturday we awakened to a sea churning from the storm and a Blue Marlin Fishing Tournament waiting to get underway.  I love it when our trip coincides with the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament.  There was some rocky fishing all week at the wind churned the ocean like toilet water.

What a perfect time for Boys vs Ocean!

While dad takes baby girl out into the sea!

Finally on Friday, out last day, the we had a land breeze which made for excellent swells. It was the most perfect day.  The weather, the ocean, the playing, the sky…all beautifully made for us that day.

Arriving home found us dealing with an unpredictable bike accident and 7 hours in the ER on Saturday afternoon.  My sweet hubbie had quite the collision with a car door on his bicycle.  After multiple CAT scans and X-rays we were released with lots of “feel-good” meds and sent home.  He has recovered remarkably well and is working in Omaha this week.  Men!  They are like the Energizer bunny!

Then came the arrival of my good friend, Kathy, from SC.  She’s here with me now.  We’ve slept, cooked, shopped a little, slept some more and had a grand ole time doing nothing.  Friday we leave for the IMG Acadamy 7 on 7 Tournament with teams from all over the US.  My oldest is playing in the tournament and I’m photographing the event.  I can’t wait!!

I’m staring down the barrel of JULY and then another school year.  I vote for 5 months of summer instead of 2 and a half.

Who agrees?

If you are interested in a tear-jerker head on over to Scooper’s blog for her amazing 40th Birthday story…..She’s just the best!  I love you girl!

Until after Tampa and lots of football photos…….here’s my precious baby girl turning into a woman right before my eyes.  Sigh…….

Much to do about nothing…

This is one of my favorite pictures.  It was taken four years ago at the beach in NC.

There isn’t anything about the composition that makes it perfect.  It’s just the afternoon sunlight, the shadows, my child and the fact that this photo says so much about who he is.

He’s a loner at times but can hang with the best of them.  He’s content digging in the sand all by himself while life goes on around him.  He’s smart.  He’s creative.  He’s easy, for the most part.  He’s our second-born.

I could stare at the photo for hours remembering, like yesterday, our sweet time that year at the beach.

We go every year but as I look back I love the times when the kids were younger, content to play in the sand and look for pirate ships out at sea.  It goes by in the blink of an eye, it really does.

Yes, diapers and drool were difficult, but also sweet in it’s innocence and simplicity.  We had three in diapers when our third was born.  Life seemed difficult and hard but also simple as I think back.  Now, at age 12 there are more complications in life as he becomes a teenagers and faces more of our world, out from underneath the protective skirts of mama.

I long to go back to those diaper days with the knowledge I have now and soak up just one day of babydom.

I love you sweet boy!  You will forever be little in my heart!