Can LearningRx Work After 50? A LearningRx Review

God brings many interesting people into our lives.  One such person, loved dearly by my entire family, is Ms. Kathy.

Ms. Kathy was a teacher for many years and has her M.ED. in Education and tutoring. Presently, she tutors children in reading, and tests homeschooled students to determine whether their performance is in compliance with state standards.

When Ms. Kathy tested my daughter, Danielle could not even finish the test for the grade level below her grade! When we explained to Ms. Kathy that we had just enrolled Danielle at LearningRx for one-on-one brain training, she suggested we finish Danielle’s brain training first, then bring her back for state testing.

Over the coming months, our progress with LearningRx piqued Kathy’s interest as she listened to me talk about the results I saw in my children.  Since Kathy comes in contact with many children in the course of her tutoring, she was curious whether LearningRx would be a good resource for other families as well. Kathy decided to take the LearningRx brain skills assessment so she would understand the process a child goes through when walking through the doors of LearningRx.  When Kathy got the results of her assessment,  she discovered that she had amazingly high scores in Short-Term Memory, Logic and Reasoning, Visual Processing, Auditory Processing and Word Attack. She was deficient, however, in Processing Speed and Long-Term Memory.

Kathy, 63, looked in amazement at her scores. They pinpointed recent frustrating struggles in her life. Kathy hated that she would walk into a room and forget what she had gone there for. She hated her increasing need to write things down or she would complete forget them.

Kathy decided to try LearningRx’s Max Online program.  Instead of training at the center she would train online at home.  After faithfully spending an hour a day with the LearningRx intensive online program, life took an unexpected turn, and Kathy left the country to spend several months with her daughter overseas.  Once she returned to the U.S. and settled back into a routine, Kathy decided to take a second cognitive assessment to see exactly how much LearningRx was improving her memory.

I crossed paths with her in the parking lot at LearningRx just a few weeks ago as she was going in to take her assessment. She was nervous, and hoped her assessment would show proof of the improvements she felt she was experiencing in real life. I talked with her a few days later to learn that her assessment scores were amazing! Ms. Kathy had increased her Processing Speed by 40 percentile points and her Long-Term Memory by 25 percentile points!  She was so excited!  I knew all along Kathy would do great.  She is a determined and purposed woman with a real zest for life.

I asked her what real life results she was seeing at home.  She said that the biggest thing that she has noticed is that she can find things now.  She had been spending way too much time hunting for things throughout the day. Now she remembers right away where she’s left things.  She is also taking a couple of college courses for recertification and is finding that she has to reread things a lot less and can work through the curriculum in a much more linear fashion.  She also sees a big difference in how quickly she processes information while she is driving.  She foresees a flood of her friends who are sixtysomething flocking to LearningRx once they hear of her experience.

Kathy is my first friend who is over 60 and a graduate of a LearningRx brain training program.  I am so excited to have played even a small role in her new relationship with LearningRx.  Since she has discovered what LearningRx can do, she refers many of her tutoring students to LearningRx, too.  LearningRx brain training is proving to be a blessing not only to me and my family, but now Ms. Kathy, her friends, and the struggling students she works with now and in the future, too!

(Read the beginning of our family’s LearningRx story here! Our daughter just tested and her scores were amazing!!  I can’t wait to tell you about each our three children’s progress!!)


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One Mom’s Journey from Self-Doubt to Hope and Solutions (and Chocolate!)

After successfully homeschooling her daughter from Kindergarten through 9th grade, Elizabeth discovered that her daughter was struggling with her schoolwork.  It was the first time ever!

It seems a common thread among homeschool moms to question our decisions when we hit a bump in the road.  The questions buzz like a swarm of bees.  “Did I do something wrong?” “If she were in public school would she be struggling like this?” “Did I choose the appropriate curriculum?”

I think, for most homeschool moms, our default mode is to question ourselves when we stumble.  However, looking back on my own homeschooling adventure I believe there is always a purpose in the stumbling.

Elizabeth began to search online for answers. That’s where she learned about one-on-one brain training at LearningRx. When I met Elizabeth at the LearningRx center in Jacksonville, FL I was touched by their story.  Many people have never even heard of brain training, but Elizabeth could see right away that it held the solution to whatever her daughter was facing.

I had the privilege of meeting Elizabeth on her first day at the center.  Her daughter was shy and a bit nervous as they waited for their trainer.  I encouraged them both by sharing that one of my children had been skeptical about brain training as well.  All it took was one day of training, however, and he loved it!

Toward the end of that same week I met Elizabeth in the lobby once again.  I asked how the week had gone.  She told me her daughter enjoyed it and was excited to return.  When Elizabeth had realized her daughter was struggling, she was naturally concerned. Now—just a few weeks later—this mom was filled with hope and anticipation. In fact, as we talked, she was smiling as she popped a Hershey’s Kiss into her mouth.

Now that’s happiness!!


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What goes on behind the doors of LearningRx?

There are so many wonderful things that happen once you enter the doors of a LearningRx center.

Upon Graduation at the Jacksonville Center your hands go here:

These little guys cover the walls in the waiting room…..

As I sit and look at these I ask, “How can these be all over the internet, not just the walls?”

Since we homeschool we are at the center early and it is often a little quieter when we are there.  But after school?  It’s a hub of activity as kids are bussed in, moms bring kids in, parents talk in the waiting room or use the computers in the back.  Information flows like a stream.  I love all the activity and the one-on-one time I get with other moms.

I met another homeschoool mom this week.  Oh, how we need to encourage one another!  So much weight we carry upon our shoulders!

This month we are planning a MOMS NIGHT OUT at the Jacksonville center.  I can’t wait!  Here is their Facebook page!

Have a blessed and brainy day!


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I’m Published! Happy Dance…..

After working with the corporate marketing team at LearningRx we’ve finally gotten their cover for the next issue of Life Changing.  I’m excited on so many levels.  It’s the first time my photography has been published in a magazine, our family’s story is exciting and I believe in my heart of hearts LearningRx can help strengthen anyone’s cognitive thinking skills.  I am passionate about them, passionate about what God is doing in my life as it relates to LearningRx and passionate about the difference it is making in the lives of my children.  #3 Son just finished his first 12 weeks and will take a break while #1 Son finishes his 24 weeks and Baby Girl begins another 12 weeks concentrating on reading.  Did I tell you she has decided to skip her reading books and now concentrate on reading “My First Encyclopedia”?  She’s pronouncing words like “cold-blooded” all by herself.  I am super-thrilled for her.  She also gets to train with her favorite trainer, Renee, again!  And I am learning how to train her at home as well.

The last few weeks has held much sorrow for our family as dear friends have lost loved ones.  The presence of death around our family has had both my husband and I in constant prayer.  This ray of light (LearningRx) among the sadness we are sharing with these families is truly a gift.  I look forward to what God has planned for our family and LearningRx.  Jumping for joy!!


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Tough Questions. Tough Answers.

Taken from LearningRx  National Edition 2009:

Italics are mine.

Our doctor diagnosed my son as ADHD and prescribed medication to control behavior.  My heart breaks at the thought (as did mine).  Do I really have to drug my child?

Probably not.  In a society where a large percentage of students significantly under-perform, seemingly easy solutions are a temptation.  “Should I medicate my child?” is a question on the mind of parents nationwide and is most often asked by parents of children tagged ADD/ADHD.  There is a growing field of cognitive brain training researchers investigating alternatives to drugs for ADHD.  In almost every case, learning skills testing reveals that these children have “cognitive deficits, specifically in working memory.”  Weak cognitive skills often mean they can’t pay attention long enough for good academic performance.

Researchers have explored methods to train the brain and impact weak learning skills.   In one case, a number of ADHD students underwent 5 weeks of specific stills training and afterwards, 60% no longer fit the label.  These results point to the possibility of overcoming lifelong learning hindrances in an extremely short period of time with the right mental skills training.  Why wouldn’t everyone do it?  The investment in cognitive skills training is “not easy for a time-crunched society and far more laborious than popping a pill.”  Althought maybe not as easy as taking a pill, the benefits of overcoming skill weakness and building advanced learning ability are worth the short-term effort.  Which is exactly what our family is doing and seeing significant results after a 24 week program!

(Response compiled from Gunjan Sinha, an award winning freelance science and medical journalist.  Specific citations are derived from Training the Brain:  Cognitive Therapy as an Alternative to ADHD Drugs, Scientific American. July 2005)


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LearningRx on Youtube

I recently received a newsletter from LearningRx with this great link that is similar to the attention arrows I had you practicing earlier.

Check it out and let me know how you do.

LINK to LearningRx

and here is an excellent example of what we do at LearningRx.

Check it out!!!  The director at this LearningRx tells what we do better than I can and you get to see children at work!!


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LearningRx – Another benefit

If you read my blog at all you know that I am totally sold on braintraining at LearningRx.

My daughter who is seven just recently performed her first Christmas musical.  She only visited the church with a good friend of hers and went to choir maybe a hand full of times.  By Sunday night she knew every word to eight different songs and stood on stage for an hour and a half while she performed.  I was incredibly proud of her.  I can’t imagine standing for that long myself but my girl did it!!!

I really think the work she is doing in Memory Hold at LearningRx is what helped her to remember the songs so quickly.  I was amazed.

We are in our 13th week at LearningRx.  My daughter is now asking to write in cursive and can read five and six letter words.  She sounds them out by herself!!  When we started she was struggling with three letter words.  I’m so excited with her progress!  My youngest son is only on week 5 or 6 and is knocking it out of the ball park.  The main area we are working on with him is his processing speed and his memory hold.

I’m so thankful God led us to a place where I feel like I am pouring into my kids tools they will use for a lifetime.  And I’m proud of their progress and determination.  The best part of all is they are having fun!!!!!


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Day 11- Cognitive Thinking Skills (YOUR BRAIN!)

Only a few more hours left on yesterdays giveaway.  What are you guys lazy or just buzy?  $20 AMAZON gift card, people.

So today we’re going to talk a little about LearningRx.

This program has been so amazing for two of my kids that I just enrolled my third child.  I have seen my son’s ability to complete task increase by leaps and bounds. My daughter sat down this weekend and said she was going to write a book. I almost fainted.  And write a book she did!

My oldest son sat down yesterday and got 21 out of 21 questions right on his Math!!!  MIRACLE!!!!

So I thought I’d tell you a little about brain training.

This is taken straight from LearningRx Brain Training vs Tutoring.

Cognitive Training

  • Does for mental abilities what exercise does for the body
  • Improves the brain’s ability to process information in any subject
  • Enhances underlying cognitive skills required to learn effectively
  • Testing uncovers underlying weakness(es) in specific cognitive skills
  • Training unlocks skills that hinder comprehension, word recognition, reading, memorization, etc.
  • Personalized, fun programs that use drills to improve needed skills
  • Intensive:  may be provided daily  (insert: my kids go 4 days a week for 1 hr and 15 min)
  • Creates confidence towards all learning tasks.

I can not say enough good things about the program at LearningRx.  They care about children, not just about the almighty dollar.  They have payment plans to fit any budget.  They genuinely care about your child’s brain. Now that sounds funny, doesn’t it?   The trainers are wonderful.  My children each have a specific trainer they work with for as long as they are at LearningRx so a relationship is formed.  I find that to be extremely important in learning because they are building trust! My daughter passed 6 levels yesterday!!! Woo Hoo!

If you have a LearningRx in your area (or if you are in Jacksonville) tell them Julie sent you.  You’ll get a discount on the testing or email me and I’ll send you a card.  $100 test will be $39.  Then you can decide for yourself if it’s right for your child.  I can’t imagine this program not helping anyone.

And go take that Quiz from yesterday or I’m sending you all to LearningRx!!!

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If you have time please leave a comment!!!


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LearningRX – Training the Brain

We have found the most amazing center to help our kids.  It is called LeaarningRx.

They are located in many cities across the US (74 Nationwide).  I could try to tell you the science behind it all but I’d fail miserably.  So click on the link, watch the video, read the testimonials and then come back and read what I have to say about this answer from God for our family.

I can tell you the progress I’ve seen in my own children.

My  11 (almost 12) year old and my 7 year old are attending now.  We go for 1 hour and fifteen minutes 4 days a week.  In just 4 weeks I’ve seen my oldest son find school easier, concentration less of a problem and his focus laser sharp (at times). Remember, we are still in process.

We are attending for 12 to 24 weeks.  My son recently took a Math Test that in the past would take him about 2 hours to finish and he completed it in about 15 minutes.  His grade?  100!!!  I was so proud of him and I could tell he was proud of himself.  Yesterday when I got up at 6:45 he had already finished his school work.  He had gotten up at 5:45 for some reason.  Thank you God!!!!!

Yesterday my daughter decided to do “double school work”.  We call days the kids can’t concentrate and double up the next day “double school work days.”  She read 5 pages from her “My First Bible” to me in the car yesterday and whizzed through 4 pages of Math.  She has struggled in the past with adding quarters and dimes, nickels and pennies to find the sum of the coins.  Yesterday she wouldn’t even let me help her and did it all on her own getting all of them right.  Mama June would be so proud!!! (that’s grandma!)

So what is LearningRX?

From a mom’s perspective it’s an hour+ of having wonderful trainers exercise my children’s brains.  They play games, time themselves and then try to beat those times.  Each day, each minute is a success for them.  Both of my children can now say their presidents forwards and backwards.  It’s amazing.  My daughter was taught to remember her phone number by making up a funny story with words that rhyme with the numbers (one is sun, zero is hero).  They make up these nonsense stories all by themselves and magically (to moms anyway) the numbers stick.

Everyone here at the Jacksonville, FL LEARNINGRX has been super wonderful.  They have taught me a lot about cognitive thinking skills and teaching the brain to process information faster, hold on to information longer and how every child can succeed.   They work with people who have had brain injuries, early dementia, ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia and kids (and parents who just want to remember grocery lists) or want to use that wonderful muscle called a brain  God has given us.  So go ahead …. pick up the phone and call.  The testing is less than $100 compared to the $800 I spent at the psychologist where I got no help in “what to do next”.

I am thankful for the path that has led us to Learning RX.  It’s made me even more thankful for the progress I see in my children.

What can I say…..I love you guys man!!!

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