Life with Teenagers

Our lives are getting ready to encompass three teenagers.

One 15, one 14 and one 13.

Only our baby girl is hanging out at age 10.

I’m not sure there is anyting in life that prepares you for teenagers unless it is remembering back on your own teenage years and possibly talking to your mom everyday to remind you of what that was like.

Since mom is dancing happily with Jesus now I rely on my dad, my husbands memories, friends and God.

I thought three in diapers was hard.

There are football games, and homework and a new school to get accustomed to this year.  Football practice is five days a week.  Two of my boys leave at 8am and return around 7pm.  It is like having a job and more!



It’s a new season of our lives.  I’m proud of my kids and my two who play football starting as freshmen.  They are tough, talented and blessed.  They attend two different schools and play for two different teams.

HCS vs Westminster-12


It’s a crazy year.

But God always pulls through and provides for us.  Drivers.  Carpools.  Community.

How are you guys handling the new year with new grades and kiddos all over the place?

City Champions 2013 – Star Ready Gators 14U!

After one hard fought season The Star Ready Gators are the  2013 City Champions!

Congratulations to my boys and to all the young men and who left it all on the field every game!  Coaches, we appreciate you!






Our head coach and defensive coach’s reaction after double OT and winning 19-18!!!


Capturing moments like this are priceless!!!


It’s a night we will long remember.  I’ve never seen a team play so tired and so hard.  They just kept getting up!

The field was wet, muddy and we truly played in “The Swamp”!


To see some of our young men consoling the other team who played their hearts out, just like we did……PRICELESS!!!



Receiving their metals…


No one deserved this more than Coach Dalany!




Our co-MVPs plus one!!!


He’s a sweetheart but tough on the field!  They call him POOBIE!


Joshua had two of his biggest fans come out to support him last night.  Here they are with Poobie.


Coach D, the trophy and my boys!


Yep, that’s mud!  And there was lots of it!!


Way to go Star Ready 14U Team.  I’m so proud!!



Glimpses Towards Heaven

Glimpses towards Heaven


Every once in while God allows me to see into Heaven.  The moments take my breath away.



Life After LearningRx – A LearningRx Review

It’s been about a year, plus a few months, since we finished our training at LearningRx.

So what does our life look like now?

I’ll start with Baby Girl.  She was a very struggling reader!  In our year of homeschooling in second grade she was reading at a first grade level.  She wanted to read.  She tried so hard to read, but just couldn’t accomplish the task.  Why?  Our testing at LearningRx showed her executive processing speed (I call it her attention) to be a year and a half behind her age.  At the end of 36 weeks with LearningRx she tested two years above her age.  Now, at the end of her first in school as a second grader she is reading at grade level and loves her books!  I find her in bed at night reading before she goes to sleep!

Then there is Son #1.  He’s our super smart, super athletic, lover of all things football who has been diagnosed with ADHD!  Our first major accomplishment: (and I say this for me as well as for him)….We made it through the school year.  180 days of 5 days a week school!  He made good grades, grew spiritually and is excited about being a “senior” as school next year.  He stepped into a leadership position this summer with his 904 Elite 7on7 football team in the face of defeat at an intense tournament at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fl.  His determination and desire to “leave it all on the field” whether they won or lost was nothing short of amazing.

Here he is making the TOP 15 of all the middle schoolers in the Cam Newton Skills Challenge! SO PROUD!


And Son #3.  He’s my steady-freddy.  He did amazing at LearningRx, scored years above his age at the end of 12 weeks and he just keeps on keeping on!  His biggest challenge is overcoming perfectionism.  I just don’t know where he gets that from!  He’s smart, sensitive, witty and has a desire to please those around him.  He is terrific with animals and has a gentle soul.  He enters 6th grade this year!

Still to train is Rocketman, Son #2 and me!

The story isn’t over by any means!!

*Cam Newton Skills Challenge sponsored by Mr. Cam Newton and the Cam Newton Foundation


To read more LearningRx reviews and stories from other parents visit:

As the Season Ends…

My baby girl has played an amazing season of soccer.

Cuteness abounds on her team.

We have this sweetheart who is a powerhouse.  You will see her on the Olympics one day, I guarantee it!

The girl can play some soccer!!!

This guy has the heart of a champion.  I just love watching him…

Here they are going through the check list with the referee (Is that what you call them in soccer?)

This awesome guy played goalie on Saturday!

This coming Saturday is their last game.  The boys games are over too.  My second born led his team to the playoffs as QB!

And our oldest won the Championship Saturday night.  7 on 7 is a fast paced “touch” game of football that is 150% for 30 minutes.  Their game are back to back and they usually play 2 to 3 games each weekend.  Touch is an understatement for the games are very physical!

I love watching the kids play and am so proud of all they have accomplished this season.

I love you guys!

**PS – for all you photogs out there notice the difference between the first 9 images and the last 2 images.  The first were shot jpeg and the last 2 shot RAW!


Road Trip – WAR EAGLE!

This weekend most of my family will be going to Auburn for the Spring Game.  We are all excited.  After this weekend the trees at Tumors Corner will be cut down – the rolling tradition of those beautiful oaks ruined by a crazy rival football fan.  After this weekend the games will exclude the rolling of the trees.

I’m wondering if the stores in Auburn will have to reduce their toilet paper inventory for the fall.

Auburn fans rolled those trees with a lot of toilet paper!!

Oak Trees Poisoned at Auburn

Oak Trees Poisoned at Auburn

ESPN Article here.  AP Photo DAVE MARTIN

Now the poor trees look like this:dead tumors oaks

Photo credit and story here


So we’ll go do what my husband and sons love most (well, after Jesus and me!)!  Auburn football!

My third arm (camera) will be ready to record it all!!!

So have a great weekend and remember:  WAR EAGLE!

Are you ready to rumble?

It’s begun!

7 on 7 League football practice for one son and soccer for baby girl!  Soon son #2 begins flag football for his school.  Our first ever school football team!  I’m so excited.

So here’s a peak at #1 son doing his “thang”.  Have a great day!

What a catch!!

The Football Dance

Most of our year is taken up with football in one form or another.  After finishing flag ball this year we’ve plugged through the Florida heat and conditioning camp.

Since being gone for the Fourth of July the boys had a particularly hard training session yesterday.  We had thunderstorms all around us which made the humidity and the bugs just horrible.  The heat was bearable, however the mosquitos that tried to carry us off weren’t.

I purchased a new camera and a new lens a while back and I’m having fun getting accustomed to both.  I love the new camera and toted my 50mm 1.4 yesterday.

Here’s a couple shots of the boys during practice.

This is Son#3 with his buddy Cam.

Son #2 with Ms. Kayla as everyone on the squad calls her.  She’s a tough one and loves football.

Running full speed backwards.   My backside would be on the ground!

This one just never looks fun:

Got to love the one who will pose for mom!!

Because one never will!!

Working the hips on the ladder:

This is just plain working hard!

Check out the height in these two photos:

Playing after training:

Stretching as a team:

I love this one.  He loves his new cleats.

Tuckered out after stretching:

I’m thinking Mike needs to train my backside back into shape.  What are you doing to keep in shape this summer?  Anything?

Football and Other Things

The three point stance!  Our lives described in four little words and all they encompass.

September and October are traditionally my family’s favorite months.  College football (Go Auburn!), cooler temperatures, camp fires and looking forward to the holidays all role into one  pumpkin of a good time.  My youngest son turns 9 in October, we traditionally watch Saturday football around the backyard camp fire and friends come to enjoy the fellowship and belly laughing that surrounds us like smoke.

But this year with a first grader at hand I’m struggling through teaching her to read.  I truly dread that part of school.  I really do.  I’m not good at it.  Someone please come help!  I want to run away!

And we’re still looking for a permanent home, separating from the one we had and grieving a home church struggling through growing pains.  I’m thankful for our heavenly coach.

Lots of things are up in the air with our family, but football keeps us grounded at times.  It’s consistent in an earthly sense.  Like my Jesus, it’s a part of our lives.  It’s what we do.

God has done some incredible things to release us from our former home where we felt nice and comfortable, as if wrapped in a warm fuzzy blanket.  We’ve missed it, that favorite pair of jeans feeling, but He’s leading us into the lives He has planned for us now.  Not all of the experiences have been pleasant.  Life has been a white knuckled struggle, emotions running high at times, energy running low, patience is lacking and a sense of home is desperately needed.  God is teaching us to rest in today and today only.  Like a sweet smelling flower we breath in the essence of today, of the here and now.

Sometimes I feel as if I need the pads my son wears….the helmet too.  Spiritual warfare is tough work, even when resting in Him who fights for us.

Ready for action we sometimes crouch to pounce upon any earthly opponent, then remembering we fight not against any earthly object but an opponent ancient as the days themselves, we relax.  There are days the peace is overwhelming and other days it’s as fleeting as a shooting star.

Today we worked on school until 4:30.

I didn’t choose to homeschool to work that long.  As the boys get ready for football practice I am so thankful I made two pot roasts last night instead of one.  That and some organic mac and cheese and off we go again.

When ever does life slow down?

Our second game

Today, in what felt like 130 degree heat we sweated as we watched our boys lose their second game, but the first one of the season.

It was hard to watch.  They played so hard and it was so hot.

But such is football.  We win some.  We lose some.

On a good note Auburn won today.  We have lots of Auburn fans here this weekend.

Here’s a shot I took the other night at practice.

Night night.