As the Season Ends…

My baby girl has played an amazing season of soccer.

Cuteness abounds on her team.

We have this sweetheart who is a powerhouse.  You will see her on the Olympics one day, I guarantee it!

The girl can play some soccer!!!

This guy has the heart of a champion.  I just love watching him…

Here they are going through the check list with the referee (Is that what you call them in soccer?)

This awesome guy played goalie on Saturday!

This coming Saturday is their last game.  The boys games are over too.  My second born led his team to the playoffs as QB!

And our oldest won the Championship Saturday night.  7 on 7 is a fast paced “touch” game of football that is 150% for 30 minutes.  Their game are back to back and they usually play 2 to 3 games each weekend.  Touch is an understatement for the games are very physical!

I love watching the kids play and am so proud of all they have accomplished this season.

I love you guys!

**PS – for all you photogs out there notice the difference between the first 9 images and the last 2 images.  The first were shot jpeg and the last 2 shot RAW!


He’s our hero!

All three of my boys had football games on Saturday.

There are times when son #3 takes an interest and other times when he doesn’t really care about what’s going on.  But I’ve noticed this season as we have progressed so has he.

Saturday I watched him run for 40 yards or so, but my proudest moment was this one.

He was chasing after the guy carrying the ball, got trampled, picked himself up and pulled the guy’s flag.

I tell ya, it was a moment that would make a mama cry!

Enjoy it in pictures as I did on a breezy Saturday morning in Florida…

The collision…(he’s the guy on the right getting clobbered)

The knockdown….

The pain…

And the snag!  You go little man!  You’re our man!

Football Time!

Here’s our starting line!

My two stars!

This guy earned a starting QB position this year.

This one’s a defensive coach’s dream!

Run Forrest Run!!

Have a blessed Friday!

Change, change, change

Several things have happened recently.

We won the championship for our flag football team for the second year in a row.

Yippee!  This yummy little guy will be playing before I know it.

Isn’t he adorable???

These guys crack me up with their hand motions but “hey” it won the game!!!


This one of mine did not play this year but he sure had a knack for sucking me out of 50cents for a ring pop every game….

And this guy did play.  He takes after his mom….look at those legs stretch!!!

And I’m spending my days boxing, boxing, planning and all that jazz to move to our rental home in JAX.

I’m sad, happy, nervous, stressed and all that jazz.

“And the peace of God that passes all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”

I need that pasted on my forehead.