Day 9 – Reality

You can take the family out of the country (and put them in the country club) but you can’t take the country out of the family.

Sunday afternoon inside the County Club!

On Fishing…

Florida provided a beautiful weekend this past weekend and we had our eyes set on a trip to the beach….not in bathing suits but just to walk and see the water. Clouds rolled in which cut some of the warmth out of the air so we decided on fishing instead.  It’s been a while since we’ve been because it’s just been cold, down right cold.

We weren’t encouraged when the bread we tossed in the water wasn’t even eaten by a turtle but we went through our assortments of beetle spins, grape worms and just plain ole bread!  We were about to give up when our youngest son snagged what appeared to be the only fish in the pond.  We huddled around to see what he would bring to the surface.

Baby Girl is usually the master (only) fisherman when she joins her dad at the pond so she’s gotten herself quite a name in these parts!  (These parts being our family…all 6 of us!)

But the baby boy came up with this prize this day!  Boy was he proud.  Check out that fish!  It had to be ten feel long don’t ‘cha think?  Just had to be!  And no, Lisa, we did not eat him.  He’s happily swimming with his buddy Rocky and his tube shaped hamburger deep within the lake.  Happy as a little camper, just the way you make me.

He’s a looker!!!!!  Especially with the worm we call Hannah Montana in his mouth.  It’s very sparkly!

On fishing…

I grew up fishing with my dad.  Many a Saturday mornings we fished at a friends pond.  I can still smell the smell of grape worms.  “Mmmmmm….”  We fished for bass most often.  We also had a pond across the street from our house and summers were spent there with neighborhood friends catching brim and other little fish whose names escape me now.

So it warms my heart that my daughter also loves to fish with my husband.  The boys can take it or leave it but she love fishing with her daddy.

Friday night we came home and it was almost dark and it was raining.  The perfect fishing weather.  So father and daughter pile up in the jeep to run down to the pond in our neighborhood.

About 30 minutes later they walk into the garage with this big guy…

Look how big he is compared to my daughter…

Hello mama!!!

Look at the mouth (and throat) on that thing!  Yuck.

(Somehow over the years my ability to deal with worms and guts has diminished quite a bit.)

After showing off their catch off again they went to put him back in the lake to catch on another rainy night.