One Mom’s Journey from Self-Doubt to Hope and Solutions (and Chocolate!)

After successfully homeschooling her daughter from Kindergarten through 9th grade, Elizabeth discovered that her daughter was struggling with her schoolwork.  It was the first time ever!

It seems a common thread among homeschool moms to question our decisions when we hit a bump in the road.  The questions buzz like a swarm of bees.  “Did I do something wrong?” “If she were in public school would she be struggling like this?” “Did I choose the appropriate curriculum?”

I think, for most homeschool moms, our default mode is to question ourselves when we stumble.  However, looking back on my own homeschooling adventure I believe there is always a purpose in the stumbling.

Elizabeth began to search online for answers. That’s where she learned about one-on-one brain training at LearningRx. When I met Elizabeth at the LearningRx center in Jacksonville, FL I was touched by their story.  Many people have never even heard of brain training, but Elizabeth could see right away that it held the solution to whatever her daughter was facing.

I had the privilege of meeting Elizabeth on her first day at the center.  Her daughter was shy and a bit nervous as they waited for their trainer.  I encouraged them both by sharing that one of my children had been skeptical about brain training as well.  All it took was one day of training, however, and he loved it!

Toward the end of that same week I met Elizabeth in the lobby once again.  I asked how the week had gone.  She told me her daughter enjoyed it and was excited to return.  When Elizabeth had realized her daughter was struggling, she was naturally concerned. Now—just a few weeks later—this mom was filled with hope and anticipation. In fact, as we talked, she was smiling as she popped a Hershey’s Kiss into her mouth.

Now that’s happiness!!


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Cognitive Skills (LearningRx)

Understanding Learning Challenges….

When we began LearningRx I can honestly say I had no idea what cognitive skills really were. As we have progressed through the progress I am beginning to have a better understanding of what cognitive skills are. I describe them as the way I (or you) think and process information, the nutshell version. The bigger definition encompasses the active process of taking information in:
1. Attention
2. Processing speed (I always think of this when my kids are waiting for me to spit some thought out and they say,”Mom! What?”)
3. Working Memory. (Who couldn’t use more of this? Oil on the gears is how I think of this…holding onto information while we use it…like walking into a room and forgetting why you are there or completing a task)
All of these are called active processing.

Then comes higher thinking:
1. Logic and reasoning
2. Auditory processing
3. Visual processing
4. Long term memory

Then all this good stuff is stored in our knowledge bank (brain) so we can retrieve it when we need it. For all you parents out there think of remembering where your keys are, having grocery lists in our heads or remembering that one thing we forgot while running errands. In kids it shows in spelling, testing, writing or speaking.

If our skills are weak we can’t focus, homework takes too long, our reading is poor, or we have trouble recalling previously learned information. In my oldest child I have noticed a huge change in his self-confidence and his ability to control his emotions as well as his school work. He also takes more personal responsibility after 24 weeks of brain training.

I am excited and looking forward to the time I can train. My dream day now consists of a day where I can remember the things I need to do without feeling scattered and flustered. I’d be a better mom, wife and teacher!

Then I could eat bonbons and relax on the porch.

Have a blessed Easter!


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Imagine yourself on a journey…

…school is hard, you remain frustrated which causes you to break things or get super angry.  Then you begin a journey that begins to gradually, step by step alleviate some of your frustration.  School begins to be easier but you are not sure why.  Life begins to settle in a bit for you where at one time nothing seemed to make sense.  Your confidence is growing, your thoughtfulness towards others is also changing.  What’s up?

Imagine yourself way down there at the “x”.  That is what life felt like 30 weeks ago.  But over the course of the last 30 weeks or so life has begun to come into focus.  Slowly as you have played games, strengthened your brain (without knowing you were doing so), and had tons of fun!!!  You’re at the “e” now.  Life makes more sense.  Your ability to deal with frustration has grown.  Your school work becomes easier.  The “L” is in sight…..only a few more weeks to go.

And it’s all because of the wonderful people who have helped you strengthen your brain at LearningRx.  Joy.  Joy.

Thank you, all my friends at Jacksonville LearningRx!!  You’ve given my child hope and a future….exactly what God promised him.  You have been His instrument for us.  You have been His tool.  And for that I pray blessings into your life and into your families’ lives.  May you touch others with the light of the Lord!!!


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New trainers!

Today at LearningRx my two youngest switched trainers. I am anxious to see how they feel after today. Baby girl loved her former trainer Renee.

She was fantastic! They have broken through so many walls together. Now she is training with Natalie….she is a sweetie.  I believe that after she gets to know Natalie she will do great with her.  She passed a new level today!  It is so amazing to see the children breaking through the cognitive walls we didn’t even know were there.  My heart is to bring this type of training into the workplace, increase productivity, show homeschool moms there is another answer besides medicine and psychiatrists.

In the last ten minutes of baby girl’s training today I was able to play Brainy Cards with her.  I found one match to her four!!  And she is seven!!!

Ok, donations??????


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Another Improvement and a Challenge

I have linked the above to LearningRx’s blog, just click on their logo to be redirected.  Their website can be found here.

For a while I did not know they had a blog but now that I have found it I love reading about all the success stories other families are having with the centers.

This week (Week 11) I saw my child transform right before my eyes.

My oldest took the initiative to clean up the house before his daddy came home from work.  He straightened up the kitchen, vacummed the floors, wiped down the counters and straightened up all our homeschool work from the day.

I had to do a double take.  I thought aliens had abducted my son.  But I realized I am beginning to see the success he is experiencing at LearningRx trickle down into his everyday life, not just his school work.

Can I just say “floored” doesn’t even describe what I saw two days in a row from my son.  On the third day we decided together that the house looked pretty good so we wouldn’t clean before dad came home.

This child has never taken the initiative to do anything like this.  His closet looks like a train wreck.  His room is slightly better, but not much.

With that said I have a challenge for you.  Leave a comment and let me know how you do.  What I’m asking of you will get harder each day.

This is taken from LearningRx (just so you don’t give me any credit):

Follow the directions below as a fun way to improve your attention skills.  Each level increases the difficulty by adding a second mental challenge.  This exercise will actually map new neural pathways in your brain!

Directions:  From the top row, left to right, call out the color of each of the arrows without a mistake.  Time yourself and see how fast you can do it.  Pretty simple, right?

Now call out the direction of each arrow.  Do it without error in 40 seconds.  Keep trying until you can do it in only 20 seconds.  A little harder, huh?

Next, call out the direction of the arrows as if they were turned a quarter-turn clockwise.  Get that time down to 20 seconds without error.

Next…..comes the fun!!!!

Let me know how you do!  My kids can wiz through this after twelve weeks at an alarming rate!  They are better than I am at it.


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Day 11- Cognitive Thinking Skills (YOUR BRAIN!)

Only a few more hours left on yesterdays giveaway.  What are you guys lazy or just buzy?  $20 AMAZON gift card, people.

So today we’re going to talk a little about LearningRx.

This program has been so amazing for two of my kids that I just enrolled my third child.  I have seen my son’s ability to complete task increase by leaps and bounds. My daughter sat down this weekend and said she was going to write a book. I almost fainted.  And write a book she did!

My oldest son sat down yesterday and got 21 out of 21 questions right on his Math!!!  MIRACLE!!!!

So I thought I’d tell you a little about brain training.

This is taken straight from LearningRx Brain Training vs Tutoring.

Cognitive Training

  • Does for mental abilities what exercise does for the body
  • Improves the brain’s ability to process information in any subject
  • Enhances underlying cognitive skills required to learn effectively
  • Testing uncovers underlying weakness(es) in specific cognitive skills
  • Training unlocks skills that hinder comprehension, word recognition, reading, memorization, etc.
  • Personalized, fun programs that use drills to improve needed skills
  • Intensive:  may be provided daily  (insert: my kids go 4 days a week for 1 hr and 15 min)
  • Creates confidence towards all learning tasks.

I can not say enough good things about the program at LearningRx.  They care about children, not just about the almighty dollar.  They have payment plans to fit any budget.  They genuinely care about your child’s brain. Now that sounds funny, doesn’t it?   The trainers are wonderful.  My children each have a specific trainer they work with for as long as they are at LearningRx so a relationship is formed.  I find that to be extremely important in learning because they are building trust! My daughter passed 6 levels yesterday!!! Woo Hoo!

If you have a LearningRx in your area (or if you are in Jacksonville) tell them Julie sent you.  You’ll get a discount on the testing or email me and I’ll send you a card.  $100 test will be $39.  Then you can decide for yourself if it’s right for your child.  I can’t imagine this program not helping anyone.

And go take that Quiz from yesterday or I’m sending you all to LearningRx!!!

PS.  See that side bar where you can subscribe to my blog?  Just enter your email and off we go!

If you have time please leave a comment!!!


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LearningRX – Training the Brain

We have found the most amazing center to help our kids.  It is called LeaarningRx.

They are located in many cities across the US (74 Nationwide).  I could try to tell you the science behind it all but I’d fail miserably.  So click on the link, watch the video, read the testimonials and then come back and read what I have to say about this answer from God for our family.

I can tell you the progress I’ve seen in my own children.

My  11 (almost 12) year old and my 7 year old are attending now.  We go for 1 hour and fifteen minutes 4 days a week.  In just 4 weeks I’ve seen my oldest son find school easier, concentration less of a problem and his focus laser sharp (at times). Remember, we are still in process.

We are attending for 12 to 24 weeks.  My son recently took a Math Test that in the past would take him about 2 hours to finish and he completed it in about 15 minutes.  His grade?  100!!!  I was so proud of him and I could tell he was proud of himself.  Yesterday when I got up at 6:45 he had already finished his school work.  He had gotten up at 5:45 for some reason.  Thank you God!!!!!

Yesterday my daughter decided to do “double school work”.  We call days the kids can’t concentrate and double up the next day “double school work days.”  She read 5 pages from her “My First Bible” to me in the car yesterday and whizzed through 4 pages of Math.  She has struggled in the past with adding quarters and dimes, nickels and pennies to find the sum of the coins.  Yesterday she wouldn’t even let me help her and did it all on her own getting all of them right.  Mama June would be so proud!!! (that’s grandma!)

So what is LearningRX?

From a mom’s perspective it’s an hour+ of having wonderful trainers exercise my children’s brains.  They play games, time themselves and then try to beat those times.  Each day, each minute is a success for them.  Both of my children can now say their presidents forwards and backwards.  It’s amazing.  My daughter was taught to remember her phone number by making up a funny story with words that rhyme with the numbers (one is sun, zero is hero).  They make up these nonsense stories all by themselves and magically (to moms anyway) the numbers stick.

Everyone here at the Jacksonville, FL LEARNINGRX has been super wonderful.  They have taught me a lot about cognitive thinking skills and teaching the brain to process information faster, hold on to information longer and how every child can succeed.   They work with people who have had brain injuries, early dementia, ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia and kids (and parents who just want to remember grocery lists) or want to use that wonderful muscle called a brain  God has given us.  So go ahead …. pick up the phone and call.  The testing is less than $100 compared to the $800 I spent at the psychologist where I got no help in “what to do next”.

I am thankful for the path that has led us to Learning RX.  It’s made me even more thankful for the progress I see in my children.

What can I say…..I love you guys man!!!

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