Blessings from Above

As I continue along the path God has set before me I am amazed at His perfect timing and will.  I’m never entirely certain I’m walking the path He has chosen for me, yet I find Him continually guiding, continually comforting, forever the voice from behind saying “this way”.

I have been so blessed lately to have been a part of a group of cheerleaders from a local private Christian school.  They have welcomed me like little birds seeing mom flying to the nest.  They are sweet.  They are kind.

Their spirits soar as do they.  I stand back in awe as I watch them.  I see God’s hand as he has woven my life with theirs intertwining a tapestry only He sees.

Thank you girls for welcoming me into your lives and into your school.  I love you all!

(Their precious leader with one of the cheerleaders)