Saturday in Green Bay – WI

I sit here in Green Bay, WI with my birth mom.  She has been battling cancer for something like 20 years.  I met her 8 years ago.  Our story is a wonderful one I’ve yet to write.  The cancer is gaining ground and she just had several operations.  I went with her to chemotherapy yesterday.  The whole thing was quite an experience and made all she is going through even more real.  Since we live so far apart I’m not a part of the day by day challenges of battling cancer.

She has been such a blessing in my life.  She gave me life.  I look like her.  A nurse yesterday told me I have her laugh.

It’s a quiet day.  We are still in our pajamas.  The Auburn football game is on TV.  WAR EAGLE!!

My sweet friend is at my house cleaning up from the movers packing my house in SC yesterday and moving it to our new house in FLA.  The day after I get home from WI the truck arrives.  My sweet mother-in-law is staying to help with the unpacking, unloading and decorating.  I sit here in awe of how God gives us rest, provides, and takes care of things the more we (I) let go of my life.

If there is anything I have learned in this last year it is to live life one day at a time.  There Jesus resides.  The Holy Spirit leads and God smiles.  God always works out the next day.  It is not for us to solve, worry or think on.

My mom has lost most of her hair and she still looks beautiful to me.  She has fought such a valiant fight.  Her strength is amazing.  Her attitude is quirky…sometimes sarcastic, sometimes loving, sometimes accepting, always trusting in the One who is in charge.

The last few weeks has been a whirlwind as they have moved our furniture from one house in FLA to the other.  When I get home the furniture from SC is being delivered.

And in this crazy life place God has provided the needed time with my birth mom, a break from life as we move into our home He has given us, rest, and help when I return.  Not to mention my mother-in-law taking care of my kids while I’m in WI and a husband who’s allowed me to come visit my sweet birth mom.

What is life like when we really let go and trust Him to handle it all?

I want to live in that place.

It’s the best.