A New Fan!

I have a new fan!  I’m so excited!

He’s an unusual fan but I’m honored to have him nonetheless.

He showed up on my blog on Sunday….I wondered how he found me.  Other bloggers know how nice it is to know your audience.  Well, now I know one more!

Isn’t he just special?

He worked well with me and was trying to comment (hint) when he read my post!

But try as he might his little feet just couldn’t make the IPad work!

So he decided to take a little nap….

And afterwards we had a little chat….

And then he told me it was time to go back outside to be with his friends.  However, he really did enjoy stopping by for a visit….

He told me he’d return soon and visit for a while.  In the meantime he’d be in the front yard eating bugs.

I was a little sad when he left.  “Bye, my new friend”