For the first time in, well FOREVER, I’m considering backpacks for four kids.  Not just the drag your stuff to homeschool co-op backpacks but real-life SCHOOL backpacks.  Is it crazy that this intimidates me?  Yea, it’s my analytical, perfectionist side wanting to pick the perfect backpack to last all year.  Or maybe it’s my cheap-o side wanting a deal.

There, I said it, it sounds even more ridiculous on paper or the web or the computer…..WHATEVER!

I’ve looked at the $60 LandsEnd and LLBean backpacks.  I’ve looked at the cheap-o backpacks but still I don’t know what to buy.  I guess I”m looking for somewhere in between.  I do have four to buy.  I think Baby Girl may have hers already but not sure how long Hannah will be accepted in a private Christian school.  So, I’m shopping for the boys.

Anyone have a direction to point me in, calming words for a mom who can’t make a choice about backpacks, a good therapist to recommend?


Ok, I’m making myself chuckle!!

Still, backpack help would be great!!!

Maybe he knows….