Update on Baby Girl

After our millionth x-ray yesterday we found out that baby girl’s arm was not healing properly.  And that meant surgery and a pin in her arm.  So we spent yesterday and last night at the hospital.  It was not a bad experience until she came out of anesthesia.  And that was rough.  She comes out of anesthesia the way I do…kicking and screaming.
It took a lot of morphine to get her comfortable enough to bring home.  She’s on codeine now.

It’s 3 am and we’re up for food and meds.
Please pray for her pain and the swelling in her hand.  She is right handed and that is the arm she has broken. 

We’re hoping and praying that the cast they’ll put on will be off before we go to the beach.
She’s in a splint now and a sling.
Updates to come.  Hopefully we’ll be back to sleep soon.
Thanks for your prayers.
Please pray for peace and understanding in our house as I try to take care of our three boys too.  We’re two weeks into this and basically starting all over again now.  So it will be 6 weeks or more before we are out of a cast.

I hope this makes some sense.
Need to go get an ice pack.


The Broken Arm

Although the ripple effect has certainly been felt in our family since baby girl broke her arm it’s affected her in a far lesser capacity.  Since she is right handed she has trouble eating so we help her.  She can’t climb like she did because she is not supposed to press on her hand.  So we help lift her.  Having three casts in one week and her arm reset was emotionally exhausting for mom.  I think I went to sleep at 8pm that night.

But she still chases the cat

And NOTHING stops, no NOTHING stops the ballerina

The twirling must continue….

The posing must go on….

And crowns must be worn….

And songs must be sung…..

While big brother watches in amazement….

And still won’t ever pose for me.
Even when I’m being sneaky.

Have a great Monday

What do you need?

This is my new wall hanging in the kitchen.  I’m using these colors in there.  I also found it on sale for 9.99.  But those reasons are not the reasons I bought it.
This is what I need in my house.  PEACE.
"Dear Lord, may your Peace descend on our house like rain."

Broken Arms pt. 2 (with photos)

Still waiting to find that darn cord for my little camera but here what I have to share with you….
Baby Girls second cast….
The stuff you see around the top is moleskin to help with the abrasiveness of the cast.

And here’s the mutant thing she got at the ER who now has a cast just like hers.

We’ve had a time with itching and the dr took her off of all meds today and gave her something they give people with Chicken Pox.  It has a mild sedative in it. 

"Oh happy day"  "Oh happy day"

The Loritab and Benedryl were making her crazy. And I’m talking off the wall bouncing like a monkey crazy.

Today she threw herself on the floor screaming this morning and yelled about how badly she was itching and banged on her cast.  So I called the Dr. and said either she needed a different medicine or I did.  And I was open to either.

So we spent the day shopping and I got a few things for the kitchen.  I’m going to paint the table, buy some benches and do a different theme.  Fun, huh??

Anybody have any cast offs they want to send my way???

I’m thinking a good excuse for spending money is finding a way to entertain my dear daughter who can’t be in the heat.

Think my hubbie will buy that?????

Broken Arms

You would think with all the boys in our house one of them would be the first to break SOMETHING other than items that belong to me but low and behold Baby Girl was the first to fracture her arm.  We spent the night before last in the emergency room and yesterday in the Orthopedic Surgeon’s office.  The break should heal fine but we’ll be casting it around here for about 6 weeks.

Tonight at the boys football games she was running around like a crazy woman.  KIDS!  So resilient!
I have pictures but there are on my little camera’s hard drive and I can’t find the cord to plug it into my computer to download them.  Hopefully I’ll find it in a day or so.

I’m missing my bird book too.

Wonder where that is??

My oldest won his first flag football game tonight and my younger two sons finished their season undefeated.  A good night at the ole ball park!

Number three son chasing after someone’s flag!

Have a good Friday.

How was your Easter?

We had a great Easter weekend.  Sunday after church with met with some of our Christian Family for a picnic lunch and a game of softball.  We had a blast.  It was a beautiful day and I begged out of the game to take pictures.  Here are some from the day.

Our oldest up at bat…..

My husband pointing "over the fence" before a great bunt!

His "He Man" pose…

Son number two up at bat….

At first base….

Rounding the bases….

It was such a great way to spend the day thanking God for the past, present and future.


This week IHeartFaces is having a My Friend and I photo contest.  So here’s my entry taken just a week or so ago as Baby Girl’s friend Dakota was leaving for Texas to live.  These two are such nuts together.  Just silly, silly girls.  WE miss you Dakota!!!

All I want for Easter….

Well, you know, this time of year All I want for Christmas just didn’t seem appropriate.  But all I want (and am getting) today is my new temporary front tooth.  I’ve worn a partial since November and for those of you who have not heard me complain in person.


It makes my gums hurt.  Eating is a task.   

I’ve tried to be very thankful that I’m not walking around with a missing tooth.  Looking like this…

Before the day is out I’ll once again look like my name sake…

I’ll wear my temporary crown for 1 month before they mount my permanent one.  But no more partial.  The bone has healed nicely and will support a crown now.  They did say something about laser sculpting my gums today.  YIKES.

I hope there are drugs involved.
That sounds like it hurts.

Tis the Season

Tonight was our first flag football game.
Rocket man had to take our oldest to one side of town while I took the two younger boys to the other.
The big deal about tonight was that it was our youngest son’s first game.
And he pulled his first flag.
He’s my hero (well, after Rocket Man).

He’s growing up!
(sniff, sniff)

Home again, Home again!

Well after a weekend of shopping, sleeping, eating and more of the same I am back home to four sweet children and a tired but handsome husband.  My sister sent home lots of decorating goodies so I’ll get to show you my new bedroom soon.  I’m changing from greens and burgandys to a pale greenish/ blue and cream.  Big change.  I’ve got to figure out the artwork in my room.
I’m rested and had a wonderful time of thinking about nothing.  Doing nothing.  And having nothing to to do.
I was amazed at my thoughts on the drive to my mom’s and home from her house.  On the way there my thoughts were more like worry.  What if the children are okay.  What if I have a wreck on the way there?  Crazy worrisome thoughts.

But on the way home after some rest and destressing all those crazy thoughts were gone. 
Which made me pause to wonder if the stress of our lives is what makes us so crazy?  Worrisome, irrational thoughts…..they must come from somewhere.
I’m not one to worry normally but what a change in my thought life after some rest.
So my thoughts to you today……………….
Find some place to rest in your life.  Cut it all out and destress, if only for a day (or two or three).

Fred the rather large cat is sick and must go to the dr today.  Please pray for him.
Have a blessed Monday…