She looks so sweet….our new kitty.  When Cruiser, one of our cats from SC, decided to cruise on off we searched for months for him.  We missed him a lot and hoped God would bring him back to us.  That did not happen.  So we finally went in search for a new kitty.  I would have liked to have an older cat who is out of the kitten stage but that isn’t what we decided upon.  None of the older cats seemed to fit us and Noelle looked so cute.  As a girl, we were hoping she would get along with our 18+ pound Fred.

She’s quite the lounger.  She plays hard.  She sleeps hard.

It’s easy to get sucked in, laying on the floor next to her rubbing her as she purrs….

She will lay her paw on your nose or on your arm as if she is loving you right back….

And her sweet little tongue comes out as she relaxes beside you…

Then when she really has you sucked into her sweetness….

She turns into super wild, possessed kitty with the stinkiest poo this side of the Mason Dixon line.

Look at that facial expression…..even tho my focus is on her paws.  WILD CRAZY KITTY!

And just as she has done here….she sucked us in.  The child will climb walls, walk on plant shelves, sneak into places she just ought not be, and drink out of the toilet.


And then when I’m ready to strangle her, she turns into sweet kitty again.

Oh, the cycle of cat life!!


Friendship…what a beautiful word.  It evokes warm fuzzy feelings, laughter, sadness, and gratefulness in my heart.

I have friends who are hurting.  And I hurt with them.  I have friends who are struggling and I struggle with them.  I have friends wrestling the darkness of Satan wanting his way in their lives and I wrestle with them.  As I pray and plead for victory in the heavenlies for these sweet friends I look to the ONE who gives us all hope.  The only One who is Hope.  The One who gave the ultimate sacrifice, his life.

As Solomon writes in Ecclesiastes:  “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work:  If one falls down, his friend can help him up, But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!  Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm.  But how can one keep warm alone?  Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves.  A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” Ecc 4:9-12

Aren’t you glad you have those “once in a lifetime”, “always got your back”, “love you anyway” kind of friends?  Let them know.

I am so thankful to have those kinds of friends in my life.

A Give Away…

The winner… a complex system of choosing a name from a hat….NANCY!  Congratulations Girl.

I’ve found a wonderful new company to buy natural products from……The Healing Tree.

The owner, Eric, and I immediately hit it off when we realized we were on opposite sides of the College National Championship game.  He’s a DUCK fan and we are TIGER fans.  We first met over the internet when I was buying his fabulous products the day of the BIG GAME.  A phone conversation then ensued where we discussed the ins and outs of the game and found we also have a love of horses in common.

The products I ordered from him arrived in the mail shortly after our conversation and I decided to share his company with you and have a contest.

To enter you need to tell me your favorite organic product, then blog about the giveaway (if you blog …that will get you two entries).  If you leave a comment here you will be entered once!  Don’t forget to tell me how to get in touch with you in the event you are the winner and also link to your blog post so I’ll know you blogged about it.  Good luck!  Oh, the contest runs for one week so tell all your friends!!!

So the prize??

All Natural Go ‘Way Insect Repellent from none other than The Healing Tree!

Just for you ERIC….

Photo from here

I’m sick…

It’s been a week now and it’s not getting any better.  I sick of being sick.  We went to the zoo yesterday.  I’ve discovered the crazy thing about Florida is at the beginning of the week it was 21 at night and today it’s 72.

And I thought SC weather was crazy.

Our second game

Today, in what felt like 130 degree heat we sweated as we watched our boys lose their second game, but the first one of the season.

It was hard to watch.  They played so hard and it was so hot.

But such is football.  We win some.  We lose some.

On a good note Auburn won today.  We have lots of Auburn fans here this weekend.

Here’s a shot I took the other night at practice.

Night night.


…and then there were two.

My sister loved the one of these we had while she visited.  Now it has a brother ( or dad, or something)


Go away bugs…..Homemade Bug Spray

None of the insect repellents on the market appeal to me since our skin is our most absorbent organ covering, I don’t know, about 100%, of our body.

So I found this ?advice on the Make homemade bug spray page on

I also found this great piece of advice here on Journey to

Apparently you can grow lemongrass (go figure) and it’s a wonderful mosquito repellent.  Just follow her advice.  Not sure if the stuff can be grown everywhere but it looks good to me!


Testing new…..


Up and running again…..

Yea, you thought it was me exercising didn’t you?
I wish, no, really I don’t.
Our internet, that is.  Spring brings change.  Change is fun and also hard.

Times are changing…..
This is just is just one way I know.

Here’s another way I know……
Swimming in Jacksonville FL

We’re loosing teeth and swimming.

And after a long winter my camera is out again…..

Internet issues and Easter

We spent Easter in Jacksonville Florida looking for a new home.  We did not find the one God has for us yet.  We also still have ours on the market.  We stayed in a beautiful resort and enjoyed 2 pools, 2 hot tubs, a putt-putt, and fed huge fish and turtles.  It was a blast.

Upon returning home our router wasn’t working.  Linksys made me so mad when I called in for help wanting me to pay 30.00 for something I knew would take no time to fix.  So I called the phone company and am waiting on a router/modem combination.  Good-bye Linksys.

I have some photos to post but that will wait until I’m at my computer.  I’m on the kid’s now.

I also wanted to share my CVSing with you yesterday.
The kids and I went looking for 1/2 price Easter candy and some eggs.
We left with some of what we were looking for and saved 38.00 and spent .51 cents.  Yippee!!!!!
I had a couple coupons and a 15.50 CVS extra buck for the quarter.
Gotta love that.

More later…..