What goes on behind the doors of LearningRx?

There are so many wonderful things that happen once you enter the doors of a LearningRx center.

Upon Graduation at the Jacksonville Center your hands go here:

These little guys cover the walls in the waiting room…..

As I sit and look at these I ask, “How can these be all over the internet, not just the walls?”

Since we homeschool we are at the center early and it is often a little quieter when we are there.  But after school?  It’s a hub of activity as kids are bussed in, moms bring kids in, parents talk in the waiting room or use the computers in the back.  Information flows like a stream.  I love all the activity and the one-on-one time I get with other moms.

I met another homeschoool mom this week.  Oh, how we need to encourage one another!  So much weight we carry upon our shoulders!

This month we are planning a MOMS NIGHT OUT at the Jacksonville center.  I can’t wait!  Here is their Facebook page!

Have a blessed and brainy day!


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What’s up with moms being sick?

I arose Friday morning at 5am to a horrible head cold.  Searching in the medicine cabinet I found something to make me breathe and go back to sleep.  I then rested until noon.  Zombie-fied I emerged from the bedroom again seeing a sign on the door “Mom’s Sick.  Enter and you face Dad!!!”

Now is that love or what?

I spent all of Friday in bed and then had a little energy Saturday.  All for one of my kids to have a 101 fever that evening.  Easter was spent at home then a few hours on the beach.  Maybe the salt air would kick it out of our systems.

Apparently not.  Monday found me with a horrible sore throat and no voice by 5pm.  I bathed my throat with everything I could think of inside and out in hopes Tuesday I’d have the energy of a newborn pup.


No voice.  One kid to school.  Three others started on their homeschool work and back to bed.

Can I just tell you how thankful I am to have an iPad because it home schooled my youngest today.  Grammar, Math, Compound Words, Telling Time, Reading and Sight words.

Hello.  Goodbye and back to bed.  There really should be a law against moms getting sick!!!

Maybe I’ll have a voice tomorrow.  Until then…..ta ta!

Cognitive Skills (LearningRx)

Understanding Learning Challenges….

When we began LearningRx I can honestly say I had no idea what cognitive skills really were. As we have progressed through the progress I am beginning to have a better understanding of what cognitive skills are. I describe them as the way I (or you) think and process information, the nutshell version. The bigger definition encompasses the active process of taking information in:
1. Attention
2. Processing speed (I always think of this when my kids are waiting for me to spit some thought out and they say,”Mom! What?”)
3. Working Memory. (Who couldn’t use more of this? Oil on the gears is how I think of this…holding onto information while we use it…like walking into a room and forgetting why you are there or completing a task)
All of these are called active processing.

Then comes higher thinking:
1. Logic and reasoning
2. Auditory processing
3. Visual processing
4. Long term memory

Then all this good stuff is stored in our knowledge bank (brain) so we can retrieve it when we need it. For all you parents out there think of remembering where your keys are, having grocery lists in our heads or remembering that one thing we forgot while running errands. In kids it shows in spelling, testing, writing or speaking.

If our skills are weak we can’t focus, homework takes too long, our reading is poor, or we have trouble recalling previously learned information. In my oldest child I have noticed a huge change in his self-confidence and his ability to control his emotions as well as his school work. He also takes more personal responsibility after 24 weeks of brain training.

I am excited and looking forward to the time I can train. My dream day now consists of a day where I can remember the things I need to do without feeling scattered and flustered. I’d be a better mom, wife and teacher!

Then I could eat bonbons and relax on the porch.

Have a blessed Easter!


To read more LearningRx reviews and stories from other parents visit: http://www.learningrx-reviews.com/

A beautiful picture of what LearningRx has done in our lives!

She falls asleep reading now!


To read more LearningRx reviews and stories from other parents visit: http://www.learningrx-reviews.com/


When do we, as moms, rest?

What does it look like?

This morning I dropped one off at school and am sitting on the back porch with two of my other kids.  It’s 76 in Florida.  The wind is blowing.  I hear the neighbor’s wind chimes.  It’s peaceful.  But I have a million things running through my heart, soul and brain that I “have to do”.  Why can’t I stop and soak in the morning?  When did I forget to rest in the moment…the one where Jesus lives….the now, the I AM??

My third-born lost two teeth last night.  So we’re sitting here looking up what teeth are made of.  We’re talking about enamel and dentine.  We’re homeschooling the way  I want to homeschool……checking out the things we are interested in.  Today it is teeth.  Tomorrow it may be poop, who knows!!!!

After talking with my good friend “The Scooper” I chose to rest in the day.  Math can wait.  Language can wait.  Teeth are the topic of the moment.

Now we talked about “belonging to” instead of just “believing in” God.

And now we’re off to brush teeth, eat breakfast and begin our day.

But this morning’s breeze is balm to my soul.  The Holy Spirit’s breath on my exhausted soul and body.  Love from the Father.  Birds chirping remind me that He is the Creator of all things, the author and perfecter, the finisher.  My striving means nothing…….  for it is in repentance and rest my salvation is found and it is in quietness and trust I find my strength.   (Isaiah 30:15)

Rest today sisters.  Rest today dear husband.  Rest today dear Scooper.  REST.

Imagine yourself on a journey…

…school is hard, you remain frustrated which causes you to break things or get super angry.  Then you begin a journey that begins to gradually, step by step alleviate some of your frustration.  School begins to be easier but you are not sure why.  Life begins to settle in a bit for you where at one time nothing seemed to make sense.  Your confidence is growing, your thoughtfulness towards others is also changing.  What’s up?

Imagine yourself way down there at the “x”.  That is what life felt like 30 weeks ago.  But over the course of the last 30 weeks or so life has begun to come into focus.  Slowly as you have played games, strengthened your brain (without knowing you were doing so), and had tons of fun!!!  You’re at the “e” now.  Life makes more sense.  Your ability to deal with frustration has grown.  Your school work becomes easier.  The “L” is in sight…..only a few more weeks to go.

And it’s all because of the wonderful people who have helped you strengthen your brain at LearningRx.  Joy.  Joy.

Thank you, all my friends at Jacksonville LearningRx!!  You’ve given my child hope and a future….exactly what God promised him.  You have been His instrument for us.  You have been His tool.  And for that I pray blessings into your life and into your families’ lives.  May you touch others with the light of the Lord!!!


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Number Three Son…

He’s introverted, likes to get things right, leaves messes everywhere he goes and loves his best friend Seth.  He would come and snuggle with me when he was smaller…sneaking into my bedroom and into my bed in the wee hours of the morning.  He’d lay so still I wouldn’t even know he was there.

He’s my third born and I love him to pieces!!  Ten this past year, he’s growing just a little too fast for mom.

Love you buddy.

The Mammoth Turtle

Since moving to Florida we have seen all sorts of wildlife we didn’t see in SC.  Yesterday this prehistoric looking giant meandered across our yard on the way to the pond across the street.  He was huge.

In SC we are used to the Eastern Box Turtle which is a sweet hand sized little fellow but this guy??

The size of a frisbee and probably 6 inches off the ground.

He wasn’t scared of much as he stared me down a couple times and then went on his was….crossing the street like he owned it.

Even our dog wouldn’t get near him.  The turtle probably out weighed our dog by 20 lbs!!!

Later Dude!!!!!  PS….after looking him up we decided this is a Florida Chicken Turtle, named after the taste of their meat.

Not that we know or anything!

LearningRx – Another benefit

If you read my blog at all you know that I am totally sold on braintraining at LearningRx.

My daughter who is seven just recently performed her first Christmas musical.  She only visited the church with a good friend of hers and went to choir maybe a hand full of times.  By Sunday night she knew every word to eight different songs and stood on stage for an hour and a half while she performed.  I was incredibly proud of her.  I can’t imagine standing for that long myself but my girl did it!!!

I really think the work she is doing in Memory Hold at LearningRx is what helped her to remember the songs so quickly.  I was amazed.

We are in our 13th week at LearningRx.  My daughter is now asking to write in cursive and can read five and six letter words.  She sounds them out by herself!!  When we started she was struggling with three letter words.  I’m so excited with her progress!  My youngest son is only on week 5 or 6 and is knocking it out of the ball park.  The main area we are working on with him is his processing speed and his memory hold.

I’m so thankful God led us to a place where I feel like I am pouring into my kids tools they will use for a lifetime.  And I’m proud of their progress and determination.  The best part of all is they are having fun!!!!!


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Another Improvement and a Challenge

I have linked the above to LearningRx’s blog, just click on their logo to be redirected.  Their website can be found here.

For a while I did not know they had a blog but now that I have found it I love reading about all the success stories other families are having with the centers.

This week (Week 11) I saw my child transform right before my eyes.

My oldest took the initiative to clean up the house before his daddy came home from work.  He straightened up the kitchen, vacummed the floors, wiped down the counters and straightened up all our homeschool work from the day.

I had to do a double take.  I thought aliens had abducted my son.  But I realized I am beginning to see the success he is experiencing at LearningRx trickle down into his everyday life, not just his school work.

Can I just say “floored” doesn’t even describe what I saw two days in a row from my son.  On the third day we decided together that the house looked pretty good so we wouldn’t clean before dad came home.

This child has never taken the initiative to do anything like this.  His closet looks like a train wreck.  His room is slightly better, but not much.

With that said I have a challenge for you.  Leave a comment and let me know how you do.  What I’m asking of you will get harder each day.

This is taken from LearningRx (just so you don’t give me any credit):

Follow the directions below as a fun way to improve your attention skills.  Each level increases the difficulty by adding a second mental challenge.  This exercise will actually map new neural pathways in your brain!

Directions:  From the top row, left to right, call out the color of each of the arrows without a mistake.  Time yourself and see how fast you can do it.  Pretty simple, right?

Now call out the direction of each arrow.  Do it without error in 40 seconds.  Keep trying until you can do it in only 20 seconds.  A little harder, huh?

Next, call out the direction of the arrows as if they were turned a quarter-turn clockwise.  Get that time down to 20 seconds without error.

Next…..comes the fun!!!!

Let me know how you do!  My kids can wiz through this after twelve weeks at an alarming rate!  They are better than I am at it.


To read more LearningRx reviews and stories from other parents visit: http://www.learningrx-reviews.com/