For all you daddys with little girls…

This is for you!

Father Involvement – Cheerleading

Always in HIM

Boys and Pools

Any of you trying, unsuccessfully, with lots of medicine, raising a bunch of hoodlums, boys know that a big hole full of water just won’t do on a hot summer afternoon.  Boys must come up with some type of drowning device, water slide, or sling to catapult themselves and their friends into the pool. 

While visiting a friend’s house a few days ago (yep, the same one with the lightening struck tree) I took these pictures of the boys.

All are mine except one. 

There are times as a mom you just have to pray no one ends up in the emergency room and let go.  At times like these all I can do is take pictures and hold my breath. 

These nice floats are supposed to be used for relaxation, contemplating life, or napping peacefully……..

Yet boys must find different purposes for such peaceful things…….

"Let’s make a slip and slide and use the dog bowl to throw water on every one as they slide down the slide"……

"There’s not enough water so let’s get the hose out and use that to make the already slick surface a little more dangerous!"

"Now let’s arrange the floats so we can launch ourselves from as far away as humanly possible."

"Yea!  I think we got it right now!"

What Fairies Do…

Saturday we had a few fairies visit our house.  They were of the pink and green variety.  Did you know that fairies can be very destructive?  They completely destroyed my little girl’s room.
They flitted around the house, in the house, out in the yard, around the driveway and then down the street.  They even stopped for a while to dig worms with one of the elves that was outside playing.  One fairy finally had to leave and that made the other fairy very sad.
She must have played very hard because she was asleep shortly thereafter.

The Birthday Girl

Several years Mama June (hubbie’s mom) bought our daughter this baby doll.  It’s very nice and looks so real.  This year we thought she was old enough to take care of it and so we presented it to her Wednesday evening.  We explained to her what a nice doll that it was and how it needed to be treated.  We also told her she was the baby’s mommy and so she had to take care of her.  It’s been so fun to watch her play mommy to “Nona” (named after a food friend’s child).  So, here’s the new mommy in the house!
(Think I could get her to do house work too??)

Works for my neighbor Wednesday

As my three year old daughter and I were walking yesterday I noticed that my neighbor (who has 3 teenage or above children) had these in his driveway, parked in front of the house or parked beside the house.  I got the biggest chuckle thinking, "You know you live in SC when your neighbor has 4 of these in his yard and no one’s home."

Number one

Number Two

Number three
(this one’s for pulling the camper)

Number four
(this ones for ‘coon huntin’)

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Freaky Friday Foto on Saturday

Last night we had the first of our play-off games for flag football.  The boys played great.  Today we had a 10am game which we lost.  It was a bag of mixed emotions for me…..I was ready for the season to be over but also sad they didn’t win so they could play in the championship game at 1pm.

While I was TRYING to concentrate on taking football fotos our crazy 6 year old was trying to see how long he could stand on his head.  I think he started to get delirious.

I’m sure our next trip to the chiropractor will be interesting!!!
Have a great weekend…

Freaky Friday Foto

I took this photo on my walk while visiting my friend Sandy in Ocean Isle Beach NC.
Why 19 MPH?
Why not 20 or 15??

Freaky Friday Foto

Here’s my Freaky Friday Foto as promised!  Is that cardinal crazy or what?  This is the launch prior to slamming into my bedroom glass door.  See my post below for more pictures and the entire story of psycho-cardinal.

Too funny

I saw this on the HSB website today.  It cracked me up!!

Go laugh,

Mindless Monday

Mindless Monday
(yes, i made that up!)
(and yes, i actually took this picture last night)