A fantastic run…

One of the opening plays of the game our son ran about 60 yards.  It was a fabulous run.  Here it is play by play…

We’re still reeling in the 32-16 victory!!

The trophy…

Big brother (middle guy) gets in on a little photo action…

Dad (coach) and son after the game…

It’s Official!

We won our Championship Game today in the 6-8 year old division.  Our family has never won a championship!  It was an awesome day with beautiful weather and a great win!  Our middle son played a terrific game.  The whole team is certainly blessed!!!

More later…


I thought it was time for a few football photos.  Last Saturday we had two playoff games.  We won one and lost one.  This coming Saturday our 8 year old will play for the Championship.  We’re very excited!

Here’s our firstborn during their Saturday morning game.  We lost by just a little!!!  He was so sad.  I felt badly for him because he eats, sleeps and breathes football.

Here he is again on the field.  He’s #5.

Then we drove an hour in the other direction for our afternoon game.  Now is this a beautiful place to play football or what???

Here’s our 8 year old right before kickoff.

Son and Dad (coach) after the game!

More to come!

Football antics

This is what the others do while the boys play football.  Baby girl is the one in the dress.
Happy Friday!

A little Football….

It’s amazing how busy school has made our lives.  I’m continually working on lesson plans to try to stay ahead of the game.  But I’ve found if I work to far out I forget what I had planned that day.  That is unless I have it all written down.  And even then I sometimes wonder "Why did I write this?"

On brighter notes…our oldest son had a great game Tuesday night.  Our 8 year old had one on Monday but I didn’t get to go to that game.  I was home with the littler ones.  Here’s a couple shots from "Lightening’s" game.

The hand-off (that’s him, #5 getting ready to run the ball)

Running the ball….

It’s really amazing to watch him do what he LOVES to do!

Hope you have a great weekend.


Our oldest son loves to run the football.  I mean LOVES to RUN the FOOTBALL.  Like, he was made for that specific purpose.  It’s amazing to watch him function in his gift.  I hope and pray that he always uses it to glorify the Lord.  We talk a lot about that.  I want him to understand that his gift is a vehicle to tell others about His Lord.  It reminds me too, that I am to glorify Him in all that I do…..

Here he is (#7) dodging his opponent and running for a touchdown.

It’s not the same in still motion but it’s quite a joy to watch!
Have a great Monday.

To Sandy From Julie

Ok, it’s 4am and I’ve already lost one post.  So here goes #2.
Hi Sandy!!  Yep, I’m awake!  For all of you who don’t know my friend Sandy she is a very early riser and knows when I’ve not slept well or stayed up too late by the timely delivery of my email notifications to her Inbox each morning.  She is expecting her first Grandbaby any day now and is excited about being a Grandmom (although she looks barely able to have kids herself!)

My two oldest have started flag football again.  Sandy kept my oldest (pictured below) when he was just a baby and we were new parents wondering how we were going to survive parenthood.  Honestly, me and my hubbie were ready to bribe, pay, or steal anyone who would stay at our house and help with our colic ridden child.  It was HORRIBLE!  We cried when my mom left offering to pay a weeks salary if she would stay longer.  (didn’t work!)

Thank God for Sandy because she came after mom left and stayed up some nights as #1 son cried and cried and CRIED.  I never thought I’d live through those first weeks.  It was amazing to see God help us through other people during that time.  So three MORE kids later and we did survive.  #1 son is now 9 and still our greatest challenge in parenting.

We’re still surviving……..(i think)

Love you Sandy!

#1 Son doing what he loves best….running the football.

#2 son taking time out on the sideline to chew on that mouthpiece.  They all must wear them so head shots are hard.  Everyone seem to be chewing on their mouthpiece when I zoom in for a close up.

Now, back to that thing called sleep.