Today my test results are supposed to come back.  I’m not anxious or fearful and feel the peace of my sisters and brothers praying for me.  My birth dad, his name is Aaron, sent me the sweetest note this morning.  He, as well as my birth mom are Christians.  Is that not the coolest thing or what??  I have this huge family now that all love the Lord.
I’m blessed.

This is a good friend of mine’s dog "Cocoa-bean".  Isn’t she a mess??

My Half Brother and Sister

Here is another piece of my family.  Five and a half years ago I was blessed to meet my birth parents.  On my mom’s side of my extended family I have a brother and a sister….Jill Allene and Jeff.  Over the holidays I traveled to Raleigh where we all gathered at my uncle’s house.  So here we are in all our tall-ness glory.  Our heights respectively are 6.2   6.0   6.8
Yep, we grow ’em tall in the south.