Life with Teenagers

Our lives are getting ready to encompass three teenagers.

One 15, one 14 and one 13.

Only our baby girl is hanging out at age 10.

I’m not sure there is anyting in life that prepares you for teenagers unless it is remembering back on your own teenage years and possibly talking to your mom everyday to remind you of what that was like.

Since mom is dancing happily with Jesus now I rely on my dad, my husbands memories, friends and God.

I thought three in diapers was hard.

There are football games, and homework and a new school to get accustomed to this year.  Football practice is five days a week.  Two of my boys leave at 8am and return around 7pm.  It is like having a job and more!



It’s a new season of our lives.  I’m proud of my kids and my two who play football starting as freshmen.  They are tough, talented and blessed.  They attend two different schools and play for two different teams.

HCS vs Westminster-12


It’s a crazy year.

But God always pulls through and provides for us.  Drivers.  Carpools.  Community.

How are you guys handling the new year with new grades and kiddos all over the place?


  1. Girl, I don’t know how you’re doing it! Also, I am JUST getting to your post. Had it saved in my inbox and am finally get caught up on e-mails. Had a sick little boy in my house this week so I watched the Lego movie and Muppets and it was kind of awesome. I know the little boy days of kid movies are numbered.

    Not super crazy for us yet. Just cheer this season. Rec basketball for the boys in winter and flag football in spring. Oh and school, homework, youth group, etc. There’s plenty, to be sure. Just not the “plenty” that you have.

    Love and miss you and your crazy crew!!! I’ll call you on my way to pick up this week.


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