On Grumpy Days…


How are you on grumpy days?

They kick my hiney!

These are the days I often secretly beg someone to “make my day” because I know I can tackle anyone who bucks up against me.  These are also the days my introverted side wants to hide in a hole until it feels better.  (Insert above photo)  But my innerlion wages the war, ready for a good fight – with anyone!

While I appear quite normal on the outside you should hear the conversation inside my head…

It’s anything but normal!  (Be warned here)….remember the Lion ROARS!  So the voices fight with one another….

“Be nice.”

“What do you mean be nice?  Did you see what he did? 

“That’s not Christian Julie….be kind.”

“Sometimes I want to exit stage left and be ugly for a while?”  Everyone close your eyes!

But I also know the ugliness hurts me and others around me.

“People are needy.  They ask questions when I want silence.  

On my bad, tired, lonely, angry days these are the voices that roar for my attention.  While you see the smile the war battles within.  And I know I’m not alone.

These voices tell me I’m empty, when I’ve gone past myself.  I need a break.  My mommy’s vacation is coming soon.  Just a few days alone without the words: mom, laundry, folding, litter box, or the dog needs to pee.

Do you pick yourself up by your bootstraps on these days or do you give in to it with a grace that keeps your mouth shut and your heart leaning towards the Father?

Hey, if anyone wants to growl with me I have a dark closet.  I won’t bite, but you may be scared.  Well, I take that back.  I might bite.  But we could have separate cages!

Until nice julie comes back……i leave you with …… grrrrrrrrr……

Later I’ll buy you a Starbucks and lemon cake!  Like me and my hubbie had the other night.  We’ll sit and sip coffee and lick icing……

and we’ll talk about God and how good He is……

and I’ll forget my grumpy self in the light of His love.  And won’t you be glad?





  1. Good to know

  2. Don’t worry about the outside! I never do, I just smile and keep taking my viibryd! I like to keep my family
    wondering when I’m about to snap. I know GOD doesn’t like for anyone to be ugly and I really try not to be the
    one that gets you back if you know what I mean…. I usually have a list in my head that I go by when my two boys
    push me over the edge. It works great for me but not for them. It makes my day and it makes them feel like I did before they made me mad. I always have a plan and I try not to give them to much chores to do while I sit down or lay down and watch tv with one eye and watch them with the other one.

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