Football Training

We had a mini example of what football camp will look like this year and #1 son was able to show off some of his mad skills.

Here he is working the ladder with the objective be the explosion at the end.

What do you think?  Did he explode?

I’m thinking that’s a pretty big explosion even if I am his mom.

Thanks Mike for all you do for my guy!


  1. Hi Julie!!
    Long time, no see! 🙂 Enjoyed looking through your pictures and posts. Very cool shot of your son jumping. Your children are getting big!!!
    Just wanted to say hi!
    Love, Alyssa (was “crazybusy” on HSB- haven’t blogged there in forever)

  2. By golly. I believe old Joshua can fly. May all his landings be soft. Don’t want to see my grandson in any hard crashes. Looking good Joshua. Maybe a little left rudder and full flaps. Cheers, Grandbo

  3. Andrea Munson says:

    I am deeply impressed Joshua!

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