Some of you know of my strange but loving obsession with farm fresh eggs.  I love the ones that are multicolored.  Each one is unique, yet the same.  This morning I was cooking eggs and something struck me about there being three left in the carton.  An odd number, three.

A divine number.

So as I cooked I looked over at the cracked eggs and thought how much like the eggs my life is.

It’s all broken, slimy, crooked.  Oh, it often looks neat from the outside but when you look inside?  Hmmmm…..makes a girl want to run and hide.  Or does it?  Maybe it’s in this broken slimy place that I feel God’s radiant love shining into my life.  He doesn’t expect me to be perfect, knows I can never be even when I strive for perfection.  I really believe when I stop pretending I feel Him the most.  I take off all the masks and allow His light to fill me.  The slime seems less slimy, the edges less rough and the crookedness a uniqueness given only by Him.

What about you?  Are you hiding?  Can you feel the freedom of letting “perfection” go?


  1. Oh, to think how He loves us even with our slime & jagged edges. It’s a God-thing cause I know I’m pretty unlovable sometimes. Somehow I misplaced my engagement ring yesterday. I have NO idea how. I don’t take my rings off, it was simply gone. I turned into a cracked egg pretty quick. But I read once that the insides of the egg are what have value. Otherwise they’re just decorative, but not really much use.

    God loves you, Julie, even in those icky, jagged places, and I think it’s neat that He reminded you with those eggs.

    Please pray that God brings my ring back to me.

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