Visits from friends and other ramblings….

We have always enjoyed company.  We view our house as God’s house so people flow in and out of our doors on a regular basis.  Since moving we’ve not had quite the flow we had before.  I often find when I’m down company helps me take my mind off myself and remember to focus on others, on God.  Our former pastor and his wife visited yesterday and today.  It was wonderful to see someone from “back home”.  We have a deep connection with them because we’ve gone through the tough places in life together.  We sat around the kitchen table last night and ate spaghetti, then Key Lime pie and just talked and talked.

It reminded me of home……..of our 10 years in SC, of sitting around the kitchen table with friends, talking, crying, sharing.

I wish I could take all my friends with me when we move.  They would just travel around with us….our own comfort net.  Yet, I know God calls us out us int0 the wilderness at times to draw us closer to him and to one another as a family.  Then slowly the friendships come again.  And once in a while we get the privilege of communion with long time friends.

It’s been a hard week for me.  There have been feelings which have come as a surprise…..a change of heart about something that’s been very dear to me.  I feel as if God has cut the umbilical cord in an area of my life and it’s been hard to swallow, hard to understand.  I know when God changes my heart about something it’s sometimes a drastic 180.  Other times it happens slowly.

So in this 180 I wait.  I wait to follow God’s next move.  The waiting place is difficult.  I haven’t necessarily wrestled with Him, just the unbelievable change of heart that has happened in a snap.  It’s a wait and see place for me now.

I know He has my best interests at heart so I know whatever is there is for my good.  Trust in my Jesus….someone bigger than me, is a wonderful thing.  He leads my life way better than I do.

So I sit, a little confused, but trying to rest in the Waiting Place.

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