Adoption Story – Part 7

I wrote this to a friend today:

Just yesterday someone from my husband’s work sent a Magnolia tree in memory of my mom.  It was her favorite flower and tree.  Who sends a Magnolia tree but God?  I was floored.  I miss her terribly, even tho I know where she is and that she is without pain and with Jesus.

It is the thought of never being able to talk to her again or email with her that hits me in the gut.
God is already sending me reminders…..
It’s just that those reminders are so hard right now.

The connection feels gone.  Now it’s through the Lord.
I have two voice mails from her on my phone.  I wish I had saved more.
I have her socks, a few things from her house and photos of us over the 8 years we were together.

I loved taking care of her when she was sick.  That was a blessing.  I slept at her feet for three nights before I had to leave Green Bay.

She died the next day.
The memorial service was last night.
My sister and brother were there.
And I have my uncle and his family left too.

So I’m blessed in the sadness, the ache, the pain.
And I have an entire new appreciation for anyone who has lost a parent.
Thanks for your help, advice and encouragement.


  1. Love you sweet friend. You were a good daughter to her and I know you must have been a tremendous blessing to her, a true gift of grace.

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