Day 28 – My Adoption Story -Part 2

I enjoyed so many things as a child.  I fished at the crack of dawn with my dad for bass.  The grape fire-tailed worm was my favorite because it smelled like grape kool-aid.  I don’t think my husband believed there was such a thing until my dad gave him a bag of them about a year ago.  I could have slept with those things!!!!

I also rode horses during high school which kept me out of some trouble.  All you moms and dads out there…..have a good hobby going for your kids before high school.  What you spend in money you will save in grief.  I loved the barn and everything about horses.  Most of my time was spent there.  I’d grown up with all the horse posters and statues in my room and read Black Beauty a million times.

Thinking back I believe the horses replaced Holly Hobbie.  {I wish I still had those sheets!}

I wasn’t a big hit with the boys in high school which was half ok and half not ok.  I went to college by the beach and loved every moment of that.  I didn’t study much but I had what I thought was fun.  Now I see it as nonsense.

After college I worked several jobs I hated until I fell into advertising.  I loved it.  I was good at it.  I made money doing it.

But 5 years into that job and I still felt an empty hole inside.  It was a hole only the Lord could fill and that He did.  I made a lot of changes in my life.  God made even more.  I found an awesome church and entered Christian recovery, I quit my job, met the man I’m now married to and then moved to Memphis, TN after living in a small town for 29 years.

We moved to KY after TN and it was there I had my first two kids.  After three years in KY it was off to SC where God kept us for 10 years and we had two more children.  So my kids grew up there.  We found a church we loved.  We’d been married five plus years and worked out a lot of kinks.  {Oh yea, we still work them out!}

That is why our move to FLA has been so difficult.  All of us had tight “real-life” relationships in SC.  We miss those relationships to this day.

It was while we were in SC and I just have to tell you like it happened….

I was in the bathtub one night reading, put down my book, and asked God what he would have me learn from what I’d read.  There was nothing for a few minutes and then clear as a bell I heard in my heart of hearts, “It’s time to find your birthmom.”

More tomorrow!!


  1. I’m here. Can’t wait for the next installment. : )

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