Day 17 – Reality (sadness)

I have been so bad about planning ahead for my own 31 days.  My sweet friend Scooper has, of course, planned her blogs a head of time.  She’s like that.  I love her.


Today’s a bit about real life.  We spent our weekend in SC. And once again I got to glimpse into the life of teenagers and all the pressures they are under.  It scares me for my own kids.  Will this sex-driven generation ever go away?  I’m sad that girls think they need to have bones showing because of TV and magazines.  I’m sad that teens are involved in drugs, kill others and collapse under the social pressures of today.  I scream out to God “Come, come quickly…for the children!” Taken from “Intense Moments with the Savior” by Ken Gire. If you haven’t read it you need to.  Go to Amazon now and download it on your Kindle or buy the book.

We’re up late after a long weekend in SC seeing friends and those we love so I’m off to wake children for school.  It’s already nine o’clock.



  1. It was so good to see you too! I didn’t get to give you a good-bye hug. : ( Thanks for letting me come hang out with you and yours. Let’s talk soon!

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