31 Days of Openness (Day 3)

Coaching is hard.  Parenting is hard.

We try to teach our kids in the best way we know how to love Jesus, serve Him and be overall wonderful citizens.  But it’s a tough job we can not do alone.  God leads us through the valleys and mountaintops of parenting as if we were the children.  And in fact, we are.  Older children leading younger children.

I am so thankful for his guidance and covering over our family and our lives.  KLOVE, our local Christian radio station, had an entire day of praise today.  People from all over called in with stories of deliverance, healing, thankfulness, and gratitude for what my Jesus has done in their lives.  It’s been a wonderful day just listening to all He does for those who love him.


  1. Girl, if you’re going to post for 31 days you should join in the linky thing at Nester’s. Over 600 people are doing a 31 Days series! Amazing. We could come up with a theme. I love your “real.” You know, I’ve always loved you BECAUSE you’re so real.

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