A new lens!

For Christmas Rocketman graced me with a new lens.  I am still trying to figure the darn thing out and am having more trouble shooting with it than I’d like.  But since I’ve sold my other two lenses that I used before getting this one I’m stuck with trying to figure it out.  It’s a Tamron 18-270mm IS Lens and I can’t take a clear shot for the life of me.  I tried several today in the yard and others at the boys flag football game but UGH I’m struggling.

Here’s a couple that turned out ok.

That’s Fred…the rather large cat!  Anyone remember that post and his weight?

Here’s one of the azaleas blooming in the yard.

It seems if the object is still I can capture it but if it moves a hair I’m toast.  Any advice out there??  Tap.  Tap.  ????


  1. A few tips:

    If it’s the subject moving out of focus then use a bigger f-stop to get greater depth-of-field, means more is in focus and the subject can move a bit more front to back. If you’re letting the camera select the aperture then you’d have to over-ride it, or “ask” it to pick a narrower aperture by forcing slower exposures or higher ISO numbers.

    Your camera may have a continuous auto-focus mode that helps keep moving subjects in focus. I think that would be tough to use to catch the cat through the leaves though.

    If the picture is fuzzy because the exposure is too long while the subject moved — you can easily get that through a long zoom lens because there is less light — then you have to override the exposure length to make it shorter. Might need to adjust set a higher ISO again.

    Probably the IS stands for stabilized. There should be a button that will start a gyroscope to stabilize the lens if your hand moving is causing trouble.

    Sorry if you already know all that — I’m not sure what is causing the problem so I’m just blurting out anything.

    Nice pictures, by the way 🙂

  2. Yeah. All that that he said about your lens. And, personally with some lenses and some situations I just shoot in manual mode, but if you have a broader focus to begin with, that’ll probably help you get those shots. Nice picture of your cat.

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