Kids with Cameras

There are times when my children somehow get my nice camera and start shooting random photos.  So when I’m downloading I get this batch of photography I’ve never seen.  It always tickles me.  Sometimes their shots are very good.  Other times I wonder…..why did they take a photo of that???
This morning this is what I found on my Compact Flash Card.

Here’s a very tongue-y photo of Christmas (my lastest pet disaster)
A lick to the left…….

A yawn to the middle…..

Oh, we’re preparing for something here……what can it be?
Think, think……THINK!!!!

Oh here we go….a little cleaning.

And of course you all remember Big Fat Fred….
I think he’s wondering if there is some food inside….

So there is life one day from the eyes of one of my kids.   I think I know who you are.  Your blurry but yellow reflection in the door.


  1. basketflat says:

    That's a cute pet disaster you have.

    I'm glad you trust your kids with your camera. Mine, not so much. There is one I would mostly trust. And if she started using it the others would soon follow whether I wanted them to or not. I really don't even trust my husband. At least not to take it somewhere where I'm not with him for very long. But, he rarely wants to take that risk either.


  2. hugabunchmom says:

    It has been far too long since I made the blogging rounds. This was great! Thanks for sharing. I think it is time for me to get a digital camera . . . 😉 I just keep borrowing my daughter's one instead. I look forward to jumping here more regularly!

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