It’s time for contest #3!

Contest Giveaway #3
Beeyoutiful’s Tea Tree Oil

To enter just tell me about your favorite pet! 
Was it a dog, cat, horse, hamster?
Do you still have her/him?

Entries taken until Wednesday night and I’ll announce the winner on Thursday.
Please leave me a way to get in touch with you if  you win.

Our sweet little kitty, Raider, is now living in NC with my best friend.  She has a new name, Bella.
We miss her a lot.   I want to know what she is doing and if she misses us.


I hope you live 20 long years and give my favorite friend lots of love and company.


  1. Oh, you gave away the kitten? Well, I'm sure she is in a loving home.

    Hmm…my favorite pet? I've had so many, but I would have to say my childhood dog – Scooby Doo. He claimed us a part of his pack and would let us kids do anything to him while making sure no one could enter the house if we were by ourselves. At least he loved us…other people, not so much! ;)

    Have a wonderful week!


  2. Hannah @ Reflections of a Face says:

    My favorite pet, hands down, would have to be my beloved dog of 18 years, Simon. He was the only dog we'd ever owned, but he died last year. No health complications, just old age.

    You may contact me here: misshannah5 AT gmail DOT com.


  3. Hi! Its been a while since i had been over here and looky there — a contest! How fun!

    Why did you give away your little kitten?

    My favorite pet would probably be my horse, Gretchen. She was my saving grace — I would ride her for hours and hours, it was an escape from an abusive home. We got her from an elderly lady that could not care for her and she was starving to death. We nursed her back to health. I often wonder what became of her. thanks for bringing me back to those precious memories!

  4. so thoughtful of you to share your kitty…..especailly with someone who needs a little company. So sweet.

  5. I became Katie's Momma when Bart and I started dating. Katie is definitely a Momma's girl now! She is the kindest dog and loves Drew so much. She gets up in the night anytime he is awake and sometimes sleeps by his crib. She is 8 years old and we hope to have many more great years with her!

  6. tn3jcarter says:

    My favorite pet growing up was my St. Bernard, Ginger. We got her when I was in Jr. High and she was truly a best friend to me through those awkward growing up years. She lived for 13 years which is really old for a big dog. Such a smart and gentle giant. Definitely started my love for the giant breeds!

  7. The Floyd family's favorite pet is still alive and well…our dog,sweet Georgia Brown! Her eyes are becoming cloudy and she sleeps more than she used to, especially after playing a day of catch. She sleeps in front of Nona's crib every night.

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