Those conversations

Our middle son who is 9 has a brain that thinks constantly.  He is very smart and his questions sometimes are beyond me!  The other morning we had a conversation that began with money and ended with why Dad can work for a living and earn SO. MUCH. MONEY. and he only gets an allowance of 5.00 per week.  And of that 5.00 he has to tithe and save ONE. WHOLE. DOLLAR.  Which led to the importance of saving money, then daddy’s education level, which then led to the spiritual significance of money and the way God takes care of us. 

The whole conversation reminded me of If You Give A Pig a Pancake
If Caleb asks a Question.

Whew! Ok, it’s only 9am.

So after this in depth conversation that left our heads spinning I went for another cup of coffee.  My brain doesn’t work that early in the morning.

God used that conversation (however confusing for me) and a 10.00 bill in the mail from his aunt……..late Birthday money to show him how God provides for us.  "It’s amazing how God takes care of us isn’t it son?"  When we least expect it.  From a source we least expect. 

But before the mail arrived and after we had the conversation about not being able to give him any more allowance than we already give him I found this on the steps going up to his room.  A note, taped to a box.

I guess he figures if we won’t let him earn any more money he’ll just beg for it.

And I thought we were trying to teach this boy how to manage money.

Parenting……the hardest job in the world.


  1. tn3jcarter says:

    Gotta love that kid.

  2. crazybusy says:

    LOL!! And with the pathetic, sad, crying face nonetheless. CUTE!

    He sounds like my oldest! The questions can get tiring but I think it's a sign of intelligence.

    Love, Alyssa

  3. basketflat says:

    It is a mystery sometimes how to teach and have it get through. I guess though, just like with us grownups, eventually the teaching starts to soak in.

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